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Women's umbrellas


Women's umbrellas in Ukraine - is not only a quality protection against weather factors (rain, sun rays), but also an element of a stylish image. Correctly selected accessory will emphasize the good taste of the owner. Modern brands provide a wide range of options - the main thing is to make the right choice.


Handle, rod and spokes of a female umbrella


Buying a women's umbrella in Kyiv, you should pay attention not only to the appearance, but also to the design of the product. It is this criterion that will guarantee durability even with frequent use. First of all, you should pay attention to the pen. Everything is elementary here - it should be convenient. The best options will be a rubberized handle that will not lose its appearance and will not allow the accessory to slip out even from a wet hand.


It is worth buying women's umbrellas in Kyiv and Ukraine, previously choosing models for the material of the rod and spokes. There are several options:


  • aluminum parts - light, but do not have high strength. Any strong wind will spoil the accessory;
  • steel - on strength they have no equal, but the material is too heavy. Have to get used to a heavy umbrella or look for another option;
  • steel rods with carbon-fiber spokes, on which a layer of titanium is applied. This is the optimal balance between the mass of the accessory and its resistance to wind loads.


Choosing women's umbrellas, it is worth paying attention to spokes. They should be directed concave side to the top, and the dome material should be attached to each spoke in 2-3 places. This factor will guarantee the reliability of the product when used in adverse weather.


Choosing an umbrella for a fashion monger by design and accessories


Models of the modern model are divided into mechanical, semi-automatic and automatic, as well as double automatic machines. According to the reliability characteristics of all bypass umbrellas-canes with manual opening. But it will be possible to buy women's umbrellas in Ukraine more compact sample - for example, automatic, with double or triple addition of spokes. In the assembled state, the model easily fits in your purse.


The case for small - choose the material of the dome. In female models, this is very important, since stylish accessories clearly emphasize the image. And stylishness is not only a beautiful design, but also the preservation of color and product characteristics. It is even more important that the dome does not soak and not shed. In this regard, it is worth to abandon the budget options with nylon domes - they give a draft after the intense impact of water, strongly shed.


Women's umbrellas made of polyester have a higher cost, but they have improved characteristics. The longevity of the accessory depends on the quality of the impregnation of the fabric. As soon as it is washed (and eventually it happens), with heavy rain the dome will flow. A good option is polyester with the addition of cotton, but the best one is polyester with Teflon outer layer.


Advantageous purchase of a quality women’s umbrella


It is inexpensive to buy a women's umbrella online in Kyiv, you can in our online store - we have nice prices for brand models with proven quality. Forming the assortment, we focused on the variety of choice, functionality and reliability of accessories. That's why we can order the best women's umbrellas from the latest collections, as well as time-tested classic models. The sale is conducted around the clock, the catalog includes detailed descriptions and photos of goods. If necessary, we will help with the choice. We guarantee fast service and prompt delivery organization throughout the country.


Umbrella Fulton Clearview S841 - Clear

1,250 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP722565PD-9

459 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Stowaway-23 G560 - Black

830 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Cyclone S837 - Black Green

2,050 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP744165P-4

809 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Birdcage-1 L041 - Silver

1,050 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP744165P-5

809 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Ultralite-1 L349 - Black

760 UAH

Umbrella Zest Z21625-3638

838 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Birdcage-1 L041 - White

1,050 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Birdcage-1 L041 - Red

1,050 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Minilite-1 L353 - Black

840 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP740763W-5

899 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Miniflat-1 L339 - Black

650 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Superslim-1 L552 - Black

850 UAH

Umbrella Zest Z23625-4060

870 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Stormshield S669 - Black

1,550 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP7441465ST-3

759 UAH

Umbrella Zest Z21625-16

838 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP740763W-3

899 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP722565PD-6

459 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Tiny-1 L500 - Navy

880 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Open & Close-3 L345 - Black

1,020 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Cyclone S837 - Black

2,050 UAH

Umbrella Zest Z23625-4069

870 UAH

Umbrella Zest Z23625-4054

870 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Tiny-2 L501 - Daisy Jack

910 UAH

Umbrella Zest Z21625-12

841 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Soho-1 L793 - Navy

950 UAH

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Women's umbrellas