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Men's umbrellas


Modern male umbrellas are mandatory accessories, which are usually bought for long-term use. To ensure that the product has really served for a long time, preserving its qualities, it is necessary to choose it thoughtfully, considering all the necessary factors. This is, first and foremost, color and style, but the characteristics of the materials are not less important.


Choosing a male umbrella in color and appearance


It is best to buy a male umbrella in Ukraine with a neutral coloring: black, black-blue, gray, dark brown, dark green. Patterns and prints are undesirable, but if allowed, it is quite traditional: for example, a simple or "Scottish" cell. These are all recommendations in appearance - a further choice of design should be a matter of taste. Therefore, the next selection factor is the type of accessory. They distinguish umbrellas of folding type and canes.


Folding umbrella for men in Kyiv - a compact and very convenient to carry a copy. You can buy models that can fold up to a state of 15-20% in length. This allows you to put an umbrella in a leather briefcase or a postal bag. When choosing this option, it is worth paying attention to the strength of the frame. The umbrella is more reliable in operation, and the simplest design gives a basis for many years of use.


An important characteristic, according to which men's umbrellas are chosen, is the mechanism material. It can be:


  • aluminum - inexpensive, but soft. A gust of wind will destroy the mechanism;
  • steel alloy - wear-resistant and reliable material;
  • carbon plastic - very light. Does not differ in impact resistance, but is capable of restoring shape;
  • fiberglass - similar in characteristics to carbon. As for the number of spokes - it will be optimal to choose the options for 8-12 pieces.


Types of mechanisms and materials


Now you can order and buy men's umbrellas with mechanisms of three types:


  1. Mechanical - the most reliable and lasting options. Prepared for many years of operation, provided it is properly and carefully used. The cost of such models of umbrellas is the most inexpensive. But you should prepare for independent opening and closing of the dome with the participation of both hands, and this is not always convenient.
  2. Semi-automatic male umbrellas. Such accessories are most common. The main feature: the umbrella automatically opens from pressing the button, and it needs to be closed manually. This is the optimal option for price and reliability characteristics.
  3. Automatic. The fastest and most comfortable male umbrellas, for opening and closing which is enough to press a button. The second name of the accessory type is "double automatic". Convenience has an appropriate price - it is the highest in the category.


The materials are distinguished by the following accessories: nylon, from pongee, polyester, jacquard, polyamide. Nylon is the cheapest and short-lived option. Pongee - polyester with the interspersing of cotton, which gives the material a property to dry quickly. Polyester - the most common option, characterized by strength, moisture resistance and reliability. Jacquard is more beautiful than reliable material. But polyamide is considered the most wear-resistant. Plus, the male umbrellas from it quickly dry, do not need care, do not crumple.


Where to buy reliable umbrellas for men?


It is inexpensive to buy a male umbrella in Kyiv, you can in our online store: choose products online from the catalog from well-known brands. We provide profitable offers and guaranteed quality of products in the range, we help to make a choice. Sale is carried out with delivery across Kyiv and in all settlements of Ukraine.






Umbrella Fulton Clearview S841 - Clear

1,250 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP71763BU

2,199 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP730167

789 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Stowaway-23 G560 - Black

830 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Commissioner G807 - Black

1,420 UAH

Umbrella Zest Z14950

928 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP72066B

789 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Minister G809 - Black

2,170 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Cyclone S837 - Black Green

2,050 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP740963dsz

999 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP71666

959 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP74367N-4

1,299 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP7441466

999 UAH

Umbrella Tri Slona RE-E-909

1,029 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Ultralite-1 L349 - Black

760 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Minilite-1 L353 - Black

840 UAH

Umbrella Zest Z13850

1,015 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Miniflat-1 L339 - Black

650 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Superslim-1 L552 - Black

850 UAH

Umbrella Zest Z13950

1,102 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Stormshield S669 - Black

1,550 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP7441467-6

999 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP7441467-5

999 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Magnum-1 Auto G512 - Black

1,140 UAH

Umbrella Zest Z13940

928 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Open & Close-3 L345 - Black

1,020 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP730167-2

789 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Ambassador G518 - Black

980 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP743067-2

1,299 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Cyclone S837 - Black

2,050 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP743067-3

1,299 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP74367N-1

1,299 UAH

Umbrella Zest Z13990

957 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP744167P-3

809 UAH

Umbrella Zest Z13720

696 UAH

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Men's umbrellas