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A modern umbrella in Ukraine is a popular accessory, as the variety of types and variations of products can satisfy any demand. Large models for two, super-compact folding, reliable steel and lightweight carbon fiber - the choice is really great, and with the right approach everyone can buy the perfect umbrella for their needs.


Types of modern umbrellas


All accessories are divided into these types:


  1. Folding - the most popular due to its compactness. Some models can fit even in a women's handbag. But at the same time, note that the diameter of the dome and they are minimal - these are accessories designed for fragile girls or children.
  2. Walking sticks - each umbrella of this type is distinguished by its maximum durability and strength. Models are characterized by stylish design and simple construction. There is nothing to break here - everything is as reliable as possible. At the same time, pay attention to the fact that the products are rather bulky, so it is better not to buy fragile girls (unless it's an option for walking in the rain together).


Each umbrella in Kyiv can still be selected according to the type of mechanism:


  • mechanical - with fully manual modes of opening and closing;
  • semi-automatic - with push-button mechanism of opening, mechanical closing;
  • automatic - with full push-button control.


The most common options are "semi-automatic" and automatic. This is natural, since they are more convenient and fast. In city conditions, these are indispensable advantages. But at the same time, the price of umbrellas of this type is quite high. True, this is justified by their reliability and stability characteristics. But buy a cheap option is not advisable: it will break with the first wind.


How to choose the perfect umbrella?


Before you buy an umbrella in Ukraine, you need to pay attention to several factors. The first and main is the material of the product frame (spokes and rod). It affects the stability of the model to wind loads. So, the frames are distinguished from:


  • aluminum - the cheapest and lightest. In the West, these models are considered one-time. In case of breakage, they are not subject to repair;
  • steel - the most reliable and stable even for hurricanes. But - because of the large mass, such skeletons no longer produce;
  • carbon plastic - an umbrella made of such material is lightweight. It bends under loads, but quickly restores the old form;
  • fiberglass - the material is able to deform, but practically does not break. Ideal as a backbone for the frame, provided that the spokes are made of steel.


Also an umbrella in Kyiv should be chosen according to the type of fabric for the dome. The information on the material is contained on the internal label (by the way, the presence of a label also indicates the high quality of the accessory). The most common fabric variants are:


  • nylon is the most inexpensive option. Quickly fades, is subject to wear, changes in size after drying, is able to absorb moisture (under heavy rain it becomes very heavy);
  • polyester - the most popular option in Kyiv: the material is inexpensive, beautiful, capable of repelling water. But at the same time, it cannot be called strong: in the places of fixation of the spokes, it will eventually break. Additional impregnation from Teflon improves its characteristics of strength and repulsion of water;
  • pongee is a polyester with several percent of cotton in the composition. An umbrella made of such material is of high cost, since the dome never crumples, dries quickly and is very beautiful in appearance;
  • satin is an elite material with a luxurious appearance, strength and quick drying.


The last criterion of choice is the pen. It should be wider than the palm of your hand, since the small handle requires a lot of effort when the umbrella is worn. The function of the object is to distribute the load along all the palms in the process of wearing it. Now you can buy an umbrella with a plastic handle (budgetary unreliable option), made of wood (stronger and better), with a rubberized layer (anti-slip and reliable option).


Secrets of buying a durable umbrella


The main criteria for reliability of the accessory are wind resistance and strength. Test it for resistance to wind loads can be 5 times sharply raising and lowering the product. During this time, nothing should be torn, bent and detached. If you decide to order an umbrella in Kyiv via an online store, this test is easy to carry out when you receive the product in a courier company. To test the product for durability, it is enough to open and close it several times. Nothing should hang out and seize.


Our online umbrella store offers to buy online the best stylish brand accessories with guaranteed reliability and at the best price. The catalog includes modern models with proven characteristics, male and female, for every taste. The sale is carried out with delivery throughout the country. We guarantee fast processing of orders, professional help when choosing.


Umbrella FARE FARE5680-navy

2,343 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Clearview S841 - Clear

1,250 UAH

Umbrella FARE FARE7112-white

1,211 UAH

Umbrella Airton Z1621-1

510 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP730167

789 UAH

Umbrella Airton Z1511-01

319 UAH

Umbrella FARE FARE5042C-black

1,083 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP722565PD-9

459 UAH

Umbrella Airton Z3510

383 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Stowaway-23 G560 - Black

830 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Commissioner G807 - Black

1,420 UAH

Umbrella HAPPY RAIN U48558-3

368 UAH

Umbrella Airton Z1621-17

510 UAH

Umbrella Airton Z1511-03

319 UAH

Umbrella HAPPY RAIN U42659-9

650 UAH

Umbrella Zest Z14950

928 UAH

Umbrella FARE FARE1182-3

1,117 UAH

Umbrella Happy Rain U44853

771 UAH

Umbrella FARE FARE4584-navy

1,318 UAH

Umbrella Airton Z3511-5180

362 UAH

Umbrella Zest Z42540

638 UAH

Umbrella FULTON FULL711-Rosie-Pin-Spot

1,020 UAH

Umbrella Airton Z1627-2

510 UAH

Umbrella Happy Rain U41067

568 UAH

Umbrella FARE FARE4584-yellow

1,318 UAH

Umbrella Airton Z3912-8

632 UAH

Umbrella Esprit U52502

1,259 UAH

Umbrella Zest Z53624-19

841 UAH

Umbrella FARE FARE5460-liloviy

1,189 UAH

Umbrella Esprit U52501

1,259 UAH

Umbrella Blunt Bl-xs-yellow

1,920 UAH

Umbrella Airton Z3620

498 UAH

Umbrella FARE FARE1132-bordo

972 UAH

Umbrella Zest Z21665-5

447 UAH

Umbrella FARE FARE1132-black

972 UAH

Umbrella Happy Rain U42651-4

609 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Minister G809 - Black

2,170 UAH

Umbrella Airton Z3615-15

472 UAH

Umbrella Zest Z21665-2

447 UAH

Umbrella Nex Z34921-3

812 UAH

Umbrella Fulton Cyclone S837 - Black Green

2,050 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP71666

959 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP744165P-4

809 UAH

Umbrella Doppler DOP74367N-4

1,299 UAH

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