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Traditional accessories of modern people are bags: they make it convenient to carry things that should always be at hand. Efforts of designers and manufacturers, now you can choose from a variety of options for products: from fabric to leather, from small to roomy. Different fasteners, different ways of wearing, style diversity - all this is available to customers.


Why leather bags are better fabric


The best choice - to buy a bag in Ukraine, made of genuine leather. This is an unprecedented trend, which is guided by most modern brands and buyers. The secret is in a lot of advantages. Among them:


  • durability - The accessory serves several years, maintaining an impeccable appearance and quality. The main thing is to provide minimal care with the help of special tools;
  • practicality, versatility, convenience-the leather bags fit the clothes of almost any style;
  • resistance to external factors - products do not react to changes in temperature and weather conditions, ensure the safety of things during rain and snow;
  • respectable and elegant appearance - accessories always look expensive, emphasize good taste and status.


It is also worth adding that now you can buy a bag in Kyiv, choosing from a huge variety of styles, sizes and colors. Natural leather is the optimal material for an accessory, which is planned to be worn intensively for several seasons.


The right choice of leather bag


A high-quality product can be determined by the sum of factors. In particular, this absence of creases on the folds, stably uniform color, the presence of a small skin probe that comes with each product, a pleasant smell of the material. Buying bags in Kyiv via the Internet from a reliable seller, you get rid of the need to control quality: the responsible supplier himself selects the best models from proven manufacturers. Therefore, it remains to choose the product by:


  • purpose;
  • dimensions;
  • style;
  • color;
  • type of fasteners;
  • wearing method;
  • price range.


Buying online bags in Ukraine is inexpensive: in the price there are no standard allowances of the store (for rent of a square, payment for a large staff, and so on). Plus, you can choose slowly, detailing every available option.


How to take care of bags


Any purchased leather accessory needs proper care. In the case of natural material, it is not difficult: periodically wipe it with a damp cloth. When intensive use should sometimes use special products for skin care. Leaving the product for seasonal storage, it is worth putting in folded craft paper or newspapers - so that the walls do not crumble.


Purpose and purchase of accessories


Our online bag shop offers a large catalog of accessories designed for all occasions. There are small clutches for the most necessary or ample roomy everyday models. There are male and female variants. You can choose any method of wearing: over the shoulder, on the shoulder, in the hands, on the belt. For a large number of things it is worth choosing voluminous options: from "postman" to road.


You can order a bag in Kyiv and buy it at the best price. We work only with proven brands, so we give a guarantee on the goods. Delivery is possible in all settlements of the country. If necessary, we help with the choice. We guarantee quick and qualified answers to questions. Affordable cost and sale of products from quality material are our key advantages.




Bag ROMAN Roman 856325 black

350 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG 7241J (brown)

2,385 UAH

Bag ROMAN ROMAN NEW 856324 black

385 UAH

Bag Jasper&Maine 7071LC (light coffee)

3,480 UAH

Bag Manufatto СПБ1 brown

2,150 UAH

Bag Marranti M701A (black)

690 UAH

Bag Katana k6565-1 (dark grey)

911 UAH

Bag 4UCavaldi 307 brown

385 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG GB331-1A (black)

2,990 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG G8850 (brown)

2,460 UAH

Bag Jasper&Maine 7122C-1 (coffee)

2,542 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG M38-5112A (black)

950 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG G8843B (brown)

2,480 UAH

Bag TuNoNa SK2432-2

902 UAH

Bag S.J.D. 7085C-1 (coffee)

3,130 UAH

Bag Visconti 18885 Black

1,200 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG M38-9008A (black)

990 UAH

Bag Manufatto СПБ1 black mat

2,150 UAH

Bag S.J.D. 1023A (black)

1,560 UAH

Bag Visconti 18608/A (Sand)

1,420 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG A25-1222A (black)

890 UAH

Bag Vatto Mk13Kr450 (brown)

1,510 UAH

Bag Blamont Bn029A (black)

4,650 UAH

Bag John McDee 7322A (black)

3,850 UAH

Bag Ruff Ryder RR-3915 (black)

2,370 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG A25-6896C (coffee)

990 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG M47-22167-1C (coffee)

2,750 UAH

Bag Visconti 16071 Aspin Оil Brown

3,870 UAH

Bag Visconti S8 (black)

2,070 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG M38-3922A (black)

750 UAH

Bag Desisan SHI3136-180

2,506 UAH

Bag BlankNote DropBag Cognac

1,970 UAH

Bag TuNoNa SK2409-1

666 UAH

Bag Bonis SHIM8098-black

580 UAH

Bag John McDee 5003K (dark blue)

610 UAH

Bag BEXHILL Bx8005A (black)

1,620 UAH

Bag Visconti 720 (brown)

1,050 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG T1171 (brown)

1,990 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG 6002B (brown)

2,590 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG 7332C (coffee)

2,190 UAH

Bag Teemzone T8009 (black)

3,107 UAH

2,822 UAH

Bag Jasper&Maine 7071B (brown)

3,280 UAH

Bag Visconti ML23 Carter (Black)

4,820 UAH

Bag Manufatto СПБ2 brown

2,200 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG A25-1278A (black)

1,350 UAH

Bag Teemzone T8009 (brown)

2,822 UAH

2,537 UAH

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