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For a modern person, a backpack is an important accessory - it is comfortable, roomy, stylish, allows you to carry things and leave your hands free. These advantages are equivalent for young people and girls. Therefore, the product does not lose relevance and remains a trend for many seasons. Manufacturers offer models of different purposes, volumes, sewn from a wide range of materials.


Types of backpacks and the selection of the best material


Comfort, durability and spaciousness are the main, but not the only criteria. Choose backpacks in Ukraine need first of all for the intended purpose. There are almost no universal models, since even the main types of accessories include many subspecies (for example, hiking, skiing, mountain, and so on include hiking backpacks). The most common types include:


  • urban;
  • sports;
  • tourist;
  • tactical.


Most residents of the capital prefer to buy a backpack in Kyiv for everyday walks, going to school or work. Criteria for choosing such a product: volume, weight, type of back, material and accessories, number of compartments and pockets, color and style. The best in all respects is the product made of genuine leather. And it"s easy to explain.


Genuine leather keeps quality for many years: externally and by physical parameters the product will be as new even after several seasons. No need for a waterproof lining or cover: the material does not allow water and moisture to pass through. Backpacks have the best value - especially given their durability. The view from the models is expensive and presentable. They relate to almost any casual clothing.


Features urban backpacks


Urban models are practical, functional and stylish, affordable and easy to care for. They are suitable for people of different ages and do not need special adjustments before wearing (except for adjusting the length of the loops). Therefore, to buy a backpack in Ukraine for daily use is better, focusing on such qualities:


  • degree of convenience - a purely personal criterion;
  • functionality - you need to determine the number of offices and pockets, given the list of everyday things;
  • volume - in urban models it is within 5-30 liters;
  • protection from pickpockets - valves on the pockets, reliable fasteners.


Proceeding from this, the best backpack bag is a leather product with an orthopedic back, soft straps, an average volume of 10 liters, 1-2 compartments and several pockets of different sizes with the possibility of quick convenient access.


With what to wear a backpack of leather


Leather accessories are most successfully harmonized with everyday (casual) clothes. In general, it all depends on the style in which the product is made. It is possible to buy inexpensively a backpack of the classical form, combined with business clothes and leather shoes. In this case, you need to choose a model with a laconic design and without decorative elements. If you do not need to follow the dress code, the choice becomes freer: manufacturers offer models of standard and bright colors, with stripes and other decor, in men's, women's and unisex variants.


Favorable and convenient purchase


Our online store of backpacks offers to order any model at an affordable price. The catalog includes products from proven brands with guaranteed quality. The cost of accessories is optimal, and sale with delivery is possible not only within Kyiv, but also in other settlements of Ukraine.




Backpack S.J.D. 2010A (black)

2,210 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BP1 (15-00) red

3,200 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1766-blue

1,212 UAH

Backpack TuNoNa SK2430-2

754 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BPM3 (14-00) brown

3,050 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1729-blue

2,132 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1359-yellow

1,850 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BPM3 (17-00) white

3,050 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1292-red

702 UAH

Backpack BlankNote Olsen Creme brulee

3,600 UAH

Backpack BlankNote Olsen Onix

3,600 UAH

Backpack BlankNote Olsen Barbie

3,600 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1305-blue

893 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1292-orange

702 UAH

Backpack TuNoNa SK2428-2

1,278 UAH

Backpack DNK Leather DNK-BACKPACK-900-2

419 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETK640-10

661 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1305-black

893 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETZG21-17-2

609 UAH

Backpack BlankNote Olsen Ruby

3,600 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETK640-2

661 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETZG17-16-9

667 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1581-violet

1,450 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1249-red

1,044 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1611-navy

702 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BPM3-05 (18-00) red

2,650 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG M856-1A-black

2,070 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BP3 (15-00) red

2,800 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1305-green

893 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1729-navy

2,233 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG A25-284C (coffee)

1,120 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1803-red

1,450 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1803-green

1,450 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1800-red

1,340 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1601-salad

1,340 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BPM3 (18-00) beige

3,050 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG M7805A (black)

3,410 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BP3 (11-00) black

2,800 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BP1 (13-33) dark blue

3,200 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1803-navy

1,450 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1581-pink

1,450 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1766-yellow

1,212 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1729-salat

2,132 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BP3 (13-15) blue

2,800 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1766-red

1,212 UAH

Backpack TuNoNa SK2404-24

838 UAH

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