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Backpacks for a laptop


A backpack for a laptop is an indispensable accessory for people who do not represent their life without this device. To carry a similar gadget, there are many accessories, but it is the backpack that is most convenient. Such models are convenient and practical to use, and also most products have a more stylish design than bags and other products.


Advantages and types of backpacks


Backpacks for laptops have long won popularity not only among young people, but also people of more solid age. And this is not surprising, because such accessories differ:


  • comfort of use - the load on the back is distributed evenly, which means that the probability of quick fatigue is reduced to a minimum. Do not forget that when you carry the device in such an accessory, your hands are always free;
  • practicality - in the process of carrying a backpack with a compartment for a laptop it is almost impossible to drop, which means maintaining the integrity of its contents;
  • reliability - such an accessory protects the gadget from all sorts of mechanical damages and natural factors;
  • convenience of transportation - laptop backpacks are ideal for carrying 17-inch and heavy models.


Such accessories are incredibly convenient for all kinds of trips, trips and walks. They require minimal maintenance. In case of minor dirt, you can use a damp cloth, and for more serious cleaning you can use a washing machine.


Buy a laptop backpack at an affordable price you can from a variety of materials. The most popular models are made of genuine leather. They differ in exquisite appearance and excellent performance characteristics. Such an accessory will certainly serve you for a long period of time.


On sale, you can find accessories for laptops, which can be divided into three categories: female, male and unisex. The girl is more to liking bright options, but representatives of the strong half of humanity prefer more strict products. Unisex models are made in neutral colors, so fit for everyone.


Backpack for laptop and its features


The size of the accessory is important, otherwise your laptop may simply not fit. Therefore, when choosing a backpack, you should pay attention to the notebook compartment, which must be adapted to the diagonal of your device. Buy accessories with a margin is not worth it, otherwise the gadget will hang out inside, and it's not safe for him at all.


Buy a laptop backpack inexpensively in Kyiv or another city of Ukraine can be a special design, where there is not just a compartment for a gadget, but a special detachable unit. If necessary, it can be unfastened and used separately. Such an accessory is convenient in cases when the use of a backpack is inappropriate.


A laptop backpack bag must necessarily have a special pocket or compartment, which will be protected with a fixing tape. It will protect your device from falling out with strong shaking. Some models also have special compartments for carrying various computer accessories.


There are special requirements for the design. When planning to buy a backpack for a laptop, be sure to pay attention to the presence of special hard inserts on the corners of the product. They help to ensure special protection of the contents of the backpack against mechanical impact.


The best backpacks for laptops in Ukraine


To order and buy online laptops in Kyiv or another city of Ukraine you can visit the site In our assortment you can find a lot of stylish and beautiful accessories, which you will surely like. We cooperate with the best manufacturers so that you are always happy with your purchases.


The catalog of our online store presents the best products at affordable prices. We care about every customer, so we are always happy to help you with your choice. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine.



Backpack Swissgear 899 Black

930 UAH

Backpack S.J.D. 2751B (brown)

2,635 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG 7007C (coffee)

2,790 UAH

Backpack BEXHILL Bx8387C (coffee)

2,240 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG 7123C (coffee)

2,690 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG 7273A (black)

3,470 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG t3174

2,880 UAH

Backpack S.J.D. 7313Q (dark brown)

3,337 UAH

Backpack S.J.D. 7342C (coffee)

2,780 UAH

Bag Bags&Packs BP1012C (coffee)

3,190 UAH

Backpack S.J.D. 9003A (black)

1,710 UAH

Backpack Swissgear 715-5019 Black

1,490 UAH

Backpack John McDee 7255C (coffee)

3,180 UAH

Backpack Vatto M27N4 (blue)

788 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG X5103C (coffee)

2,870 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG M7808A (black)

2,790 UAH

Backpack Vatto M27N1 (black)

788 UAH

Backpack BUG TB382 (brown)

1,484 UAH

Backpack DNK Leather DNK-BACKPACK-900-2

398 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1766-blue

1,150 UAH

Backpack Vatto M27N3 (dark grey)

788 UAH

Backpack Vatto M27N2 (dark brown)

788 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1803-navy

1,375 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1359-yellow

1,755 UAH

Backpack BUG TB382Grey

1,484 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1601-salad

1,271 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG 9007J (black)

2,990 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG BP5-5008A-black

2,870 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1766-yellow

1,150 UAH

Backpack John McDee 7065J (grey)

2,862 UAH

Bag Bags&Packs BP1013Q (dark brown)

3,190 UAH

Backpack John McDee 7340A (black)

3,498 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG M7805A (black)

2,870 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1803-red

1,375 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1766-red

1,150 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1601-black

1,271 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG T3001 (black)

2,650 UAH

Backpack S.J.D. 7273Q (dark brown)

3,495 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1803-green

1,375 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG t3123-black

2,870 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG t3126-Black

2,370 UAH

Backpack S.J.D. 7203J (dark grey)

2,733 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1359-black

1,755 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1998-violet

726 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG M7806A-black

2,870 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG M5186A (black)

2,370 UAH

Backpack Jasper&Maine 7014Q-2 (dark brown)

3,370 UAH

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Backpacks for a laptop