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Suit bags


Suit bag is a long travel case with a zipper, designed to carry various jackets, suits or dresses. The accessory can be doubled or tripled. The product in this case takes the form of a bag, so it is convenient to take it with you on various trips and travel.


Garment bag for suit: advantages and features


With such a product, you get a full accessory, which has a lot of advantages:


  • practicality - you can take with you on a trip any easily wrinkled clothes;
  • functionality - a small size of travel suit bag meets all requirements for hand luggage;
  • convenience - buying a suit bag for carrying a suit or dress means getting a quality accessory that will help you transport your favorite clothes to your destination;
  • variety of choices - in modern stores you can find a large number of models of different designs and colors;
  • ergonomic - the bag for the costume necessarily contains a special hanger, which is very convenient for travel.


It is accepted to distinguish several types of suit bag. The simplest of them is a soft cover for clothes, which is sewed from a thin fabric. Such an accessory is unpretentious in care and has an affordable price.


The second kind is a travel suit bag. It has a comfortable strap for carrying it on shoulder. The accessory is small enough and suitable for carrying 1-2 items. Its distinctive feature is light weight.


You can also buy a suit bag on wheels. This accessory has a rigid frame, wheels and a retractable handle. Such a product is characterized by a large capacity and reliable protection of the contents. In such a suit bag there is a place for 3-4 outfits.


How to choose a suit bag


Before you buy a suit bag in Kyiv at an affordable price, you need to carefully think over all the pros and cons. First of all, you need to determine the number of things that you plan to transport in the product. Perhaps you can fit a small shoulder bag or vice versa more roomy option on wheels.


It is important to pay attention to the internal organization of the accessory. Choosing from the catalog of an online store that specializes in the sale of similar products, pay attention to thoughtful and functional models. The presence of additional compartments and pockets is welcomed.


It is best to choose products of famous brands. They specialize in the production of waterproof fabric wrappings. In such products there is a quality and reliable fittings.


In the online store you can order and buy online suit bags in Kyiv and Ukraine at an affordable price. Our range includes high quality models from proven manufacturers. For our customers, there is an individual approach, so we are always happy to help you with your choice. We offer the best conditions for ordering and payment.




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Suit bags