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Men's bags


Modern men's bags are useful accessories for the stronger half. They allow you to conveniently and safely store, and also carry the necessary things. Correctly selected accessories will help out in different situations: from a business trip to going to work or everyday going out.


Types of men's bags


Modern manufacturers create a large number of models, focusing on fashion trends and traditional principles of classification of accessories. The most common bags for men in Ukraine:


  • travel bags - capacious, with a large number of compartments, strong handles. Suitable for men who are forced to travel often;
  • backpacks are popular accessories that allow you to carry things with free hands. There are urban, tourist and many other options;
  • messengers - roomy and practical men's bags with the best value. They have straps for carrying on the shoulder, a large number of compartments and pockets;
  • folders - light and compact, designed primarily for carrying laptops or tablet computers, as well as documents;
  • briefcases - working bags for business people. Versatile and convenient, allowing you to put everything you need - from the tablet to the folders with papers. They are worn in the hand, and modern models on the shoulder.


Choosing bags for men, it is first of all to pay attention to the size. It is this criterion that will indicate which accessory to purchase. If you need to carry a minimum of things every day - a wallet, a smart phone, keys with documents - a compact and convenient tablet-bag or a handy bag will do. If you need to carry documents, change of shoes or clothes, gadgets - it is worth selecting more appropriate accessories.


Materials and necessary parts of men's bags


It is best to buy a men's bag in Ukraine made of genuine leather. Models from this material are reliable, durable, look elegant and are distinguished by their durability. Their price is justified by quality - they serve for many years without loss of physical and external advantages. The material is moisture resistant, dense, warm. Even after long exploitation, he looks noble.


When choosing a product, you need to pay attention to the details. Handles should be soft and durable. If the shoulder strap is structurally provided, it is necessary to give preference to variants with length adjustment. It is worth ordering men's bags with metal fittings - this is an indicator of the reliability of the accessory. Stitches in products must be smooth and without protruding threads. Specialized internal offices are welcome - for a smart phone, for credit cards, documents. As for color - the best options remain classic black and brown.


A modern version of men's bags


Buy a men's bag in Kyiv cheaply online - in the online store presents a large number of modern variations of products. Among the usual classic types of accessories are gaining popularity touts. Earlier it was exclusively female bag format, but, having made small style corrections, designers offered an option for the strong half. The product is characterized by a large capacity, two large handles, a zipper. The model is designed for universal everyday use.


It is convenient to choose, order and buy men's bags in Kyiv in the catalog of our site. We are selling proven stylish accessories from well-known brands. We offer affordable prices, quality service, assistance with choice. We organize accurate delivery of purchases across Ukraine. Choose the right model and buy with profit.




Bag ROMAN Roman 856325 black

350 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG 7241J (brown)

2,385 UAH

Bag ROMAN ROMAN NEW 856324 black

385 UAH

Bag Jasper&Maine 7071LC (light coffee)

3,480 UAH

Bag Marranti M701A (black)

690 UAH

Bag 4UCavaldi 307 brown

385 UAH

Bag Manufatto СПБ1 brown

2,150 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG GB331-1A (black)

2,990 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG G8850 (brown)

2,460 UAH

Bag Jasper&Maine 7122C-1 (coffee)

2,542 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG M38-5112A (black)

950 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG G8843B (brown)

2,480 UAH

Bag TuNoNa SK2432-2

902 UAH

Bag S.J.D. 7085C-1 (coffee)

3,130 UAH

Bag Visconti 18885 Black

1,200 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG M38-9008A (black)

990 UAH

Bag Manufatto СПБ1 black mat

2,150 UAH

Bag S.J.D. 1023A (black)

1,560 UAH

Bag Visconti 18608/A (Sand)

1,420 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG A25-1222A (black)

890 UAH

Bag Vatto Mk13Kr450 (brown)

1,510 UAH

Bag Blamont Bn029A (black)

4,650 UAH

Bag John McDee 7322A (black)

3,850 UAH

Bag Ruff Ryder RR-3915 (black)

2,370 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG A25-6896C (coffee)

990 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG M47-22167-1C (coffee)

2,750 UAH

Bag Visconti 16071 Aspin Оil Brown

3,870 UAH

Bag Visconti S8 (black)

2,070 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG M38-3922A (black)

750 UAH

Bag BlankNote DropBag Cognac

1,970 UAH

Bag John McDee 5003K (dark blue)

610 UAH

Bag BEXHILL Bx8005A (black)

1,620 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG T1171 (brown)

1,990 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG 6002B (brown)

2,590 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG 7332C (coffee)

2,190 UAH

Bag Teemzone T8009 (black)

3,107 UAH

2,822 UAH

Bag Jasper&Maine 7071B (brown)

3,280 UAH

Bag Visconti ML23 Carter (Black)

4,820 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG A25-1278A (black)

1,350 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG M6970-3A (black)

2,550 UAH

Bag Teemzone T8009 (brown)

2,822 UAH

2,537 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG 7266C (coffee)

2,205 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG 7266I (dark grey)

2,205 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG M38-8861C (coffee)

1,100 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG M38-8150A (black)

990 UAH

Bag Katana k6565-1 (dark grey)

911 UAH

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Men's bags