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Men's backpacks


Leather man's backpack is a popular and popular accessory that can fully become an alternative to any men's bag. A modern range of models from genuine leather is very large - there are suitable options for young people, everyday exit, going to work and many other situations.


Rules for choosing a men's leather backpack


Considering the wide variety of models, the main factor of choice should be the functionality of the product - it is from it that it is worth starting in the process. For example, now popular men's backpack bag in Ukraine with a roomy compartment for a laptop. Accordingly, you need to focus on the list of things that need to be transferred regularly, and this will help to choose the necessary functions and capacity of the accessory. By the way, the size of the backpack is also worth choosing, focusing on the combination of the owner.


Definitely it’s worth choosing leather men's backpacks in Kyiv - these are accessories designed for many years of operation. Plus, they emphasize the status of the owner thanks to a very respectable appearance. As another important factor, it is worth mentioning the reliable protection of the contents from moisture, precipitation, temperature fluctuations, mechanical influences.


It is important that leather models do not go out of fashion and perfectly match with clothes of different styles: from a business suit to a t-shirt with jeans. Accordingly, it is necessary to choose a model either with strict forms, or with an interesting original design. The destination depends on the filling: the number of compartments, pockets, compartments for objects of different volumes.


The combination of leather backpacks with clothes


If you want to buy a man's backpack in Ukraine, you probably have a question about what clothes you can wear this model to look natural and fashionable. The accessory can be combined with:


  • white shirts, jacket-style jackets, laconic classic style clothing. The best option is a dark brown backpack with strict forms;
  • sportswear - under it you need to pick up a man's backpack in the form of a "bag" with a narrowed top;
  • checkered shirts, casual style jackets, jeans - many models will fit the style, but the most appropriate ones will be vintage;
  • trendy designer clothes, stylish accessories with imitation leather of reptiles will suit her.


It is not always necessary to follow strict rules. The advantages of leather products are just in versatility. Therefore, men's backpacks are correlated with all images of modern young men and men, without exception.


An important fineness is the backpack


Now you can order a men's backpack in Kyiv with several popular clasps. This is primarily lightning - it can be found in almost all versions of modern accessories, and often as a decorative element. Sports options are fastened with laces with metal or plastic clips. Leather business models can be fastened to catches of the portfolio type.


Where to buy the accessory?


It is inexpensive to buy a man's backpack in Kyiv online in our online store - our catalog includes brand options that meet the quality criteria and fashion trends. The sale is at an affordable price - the cost corresponds to the reliability of accessories ready for years of operation. The basis of the assortment is made up of leather variants, but there are also reliable textile ones. We will help you with a choice, answer questions, deliver your purchase to any city in the country.




Backpack Onepolar W1955-black

1,392 UAH

Backpack Swissgear 899 Black

930 UAH

Backpack S.J.D. 2751B (brown)

2,635 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1249-black

1,089 UAH

Backpack Spokey Buffalo 835220

500 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG 7007C (coffee)

2,790 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG A25-6602C (coffee)

990 UAH

Backpack WHEELERS Z-4671-B

270 UAH

Backpack S.J.D. 7286B (brown)

2,270 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG 7123C (coffee)

2,690 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG 7273A (black)

3,470 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG t3174

2,880 UAH

Backpack S.J.D. 7313Q (dark brown)

3,337 UAH

Backpack S.J.D. 7342C (coffee)

2,780 UAH

Bag Bags&Packs BP1012C (coffee)

3,190 UAH

Backpack S.J.D. 9003A (black)

1,710 UAH

Backpack Swissgear 715-5019 Black

1,490 UAH

Backpack Mil-Tec 9162

1,018 UAH

Backpack John McDee 7255C (coffee)

3,180 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG A25-6896A (black)

990 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1292-red

666 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETMS34201

688 UAH

Backpack Bags&Packs BP1007A (black)

1,550 UAH

Backpack DSC-15 (black)

980 UAH

Backpack DAKINE HELI PRO 2015

2,500 UAH

Backpack Vatto M27N4 (blue)

788 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG X5103C (coffee)

2,870 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1292-orange

666 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG M7808A (black)

2,790 UAH

Backpack Spokey Traverse 83993

800 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1305-blue

847 UAH

Backpack Bull T1354 (brown)

1,132 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG A25-284A (black)

990 UAH

Backpack Bull T1375 (black with red zipper)

1,156 UAH

Backpack Vatto M27N1 (black)

788 UAH

Backpack BUG TB382 (brown)

1,484 UAH

Backpack Bags&Packs BP1011C coffee

1,370 UAH

Backpack DNK Leather DNK-BACKPACK-900-2

398 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1305-black

847 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1305-green

847 UAH

Backpack Bull T1335 (black)

1,132 UAH

Backpack Vatto M27N3 (dark grey)

788 UAH

Backpack Bull T1369 (red brown)

1,132 UAH

Backpack BEXHILL Bx9106A (black)

1,190 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1729-navy

2,118 UAH

Backpack Vatto M27N2 (dark brown)

788 UAH

Backpack Bull T1355-brown

1,132 UAH

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Men's backpacks