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Men’s travel kits


Men’s travel kit is a small accessory in the form of bags. Its main purpose is to store cosmetic or hygienic supplies: comb, toothbrush, razor, toilet water, shampoo, shower gel and other things. Such an accessory is relevant both at home and in various trips. Most models have several compartments and special holders for various items.


Male travel kit and its advantages


Choosing a practical and comfortable male model, it should be noted that such accessories have many advantages, among which:


  • ease of use - all kinds of personal care accessories are stored in order and are easily accessible for use;
  • versatility - the accessory is suitable for use at home, in the gym, on business trips and on travel;
  • stylish appearance - many models can be found on sale;
  • ease of care - often male accessories are made of quality materials that are unpretentious in cleaning;
  • status - a quality travel kit will be the best testament to the flawless taste and style of its owner.


Features of the choice of a travel kit


If you are going to buy an inexpensive man"s travel kit inexpensively in Kyiv or in any other city of Ukraine, you must first of all pay attention to its material. You can often find all kinds of accessories from dense polyester. They, of course, are good in their own way, but they still cannot compete with leather models.


The most practical, wear-resistant and reliable leather man travel kit is considered to be right. In the assortment of many stores you can find many models of matte or glossy leather. They differ not only in their stylish appearance, but also in their best performance characteristics.


Equally important is the size of the product. If you plan to travel often, you should buy a travel kit for men at an affordable average cost. For home use, the mini version is quite suitable.


The color scheme is another important criterion when choosing a male accessory. The most successful solution will be the purchase of the product in low-key classical tones. But the presence of all kinds of prints in men"s travel kits is considered extremely undesirable.


Stylish and high quality travel kits in Ukraine


In the catalog of the online store you can buy and order an online travel kit for men. Our assortment includes stylish and high-quality models from the best manufacturers. For our customers, the best conditions for ordering and payment apply. If you have any questions, you can contact our consultants for help. Delivery is carried out in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.



Cosmetic bag Issa Hara TK1 (11-01) black

1,799 UAH

Travel kit Visconti MZ100 Naples (Brown)

2,400 UAH

Travel kit Visconti MZ100 Naples (Black)

2,400 UAH

Cosmetic bag Issa Hara TK1 (12-02) brown

1,799 UAH

Cosmetic bag Issa Hara TK1 (13-03) blue

1,799 UAH

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Men’s travel kits