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Men's clutches


Leather men's clutch is a stylish, practical and relatively modern accessory that will be appreciated by many members of the stronger sex. Gone are the days when clutches were considered exclusively women's bags. The efforts of designers have created a wide range of models that satisfy the practical and aesthetic needs of men who are adherents of business style and are looking for a compact and stylish accessory for every day.


Male clutch in Ukraine is popular not only among adherents of strict business style. Even the connoisseurs of the everyday image of the product will give more charm and elegance, and its practicality will make it convenient to carry the most necessary items. The variety of models is now great, so every interested buyer will choose the right option without problems.


First of all, the male clutch is designed to emphasize the solid image and high status of a man. That is why the production of such accessories is mainly done by well-known brands, and the key material for products is natural leather. At the same time, the price of almost any model is affordable: in Kyiv any man with stable earnings can afford a purchase.


What is a male clutch


Capacity, practicality are important qualities for such models. They easily put documents, banknotes, cards, a smart phone, keys in it - all the most necessary in everyday life. Any high-quality men's clutch in Ukraine is popular due to such features:


  • combining large capacity with compactness. Achieved through thoughtful ergonomics;
  • universal purpose - an accessory is appropriate both at a business meeting and a walk around the city;
  • practicality - the male clutch does not take up much space, does not load hands, and at the same time it allows you to always have the most necessary items in quick access;
  • noble appearance - a leather accessory looks beautiful and emphasizes the style of a man.


How to choose and wear a clutch for men


If you decide to buy a male clutch in Kyiv, when choosing based on the appearance, color and size of the product. In the standard version it is a rectangular bag with 1-2 compartments for distribution of contents and with a strap for wearing on the wrist (but the strap is not always provided). The only relevant material for the models is genuine leather.


The value is of the fastener type. The most common options - with a zipper and with a valve, fastened to the lock of the portfolio type. Both fixing options are reliable, so you should choose according to your preference. As for color - it is worth buying a men's clutch of strict colors (black, dark brown, dark blue). If you plan to wear an accessory only with everyday clothes - you can pay attention to lighter shades.


Advantageous purchase of a product


Preference in choosing always give branded models - this is the best guarantee of their high quality, natural skin and reliability of tailoring. Order online and buy a male clutch in Kyiv from famous brands you can in our online store. We sell quality models: the catalog includes a large selection of options for classic and free style. Prices are only optimal - we provide affordable cost through optimized supply of goods. To the customers we offer assistance with the selection and prompt processing of orders, as well as sending purchases to any region of the country.




Clutch BEXHILL BX9202 (dark brown)

610 UAH

Clutch Horton TR5M-824 (black)

930 UAH

Clutch P1161 (black)

2,968 UAH

684 UAH

Clutch Bags&Packs BP1017R (dark brown)

880 UAH

Clutch Bags&Packs BP1020A (black)

690 UAH

Clutch TIFENIS TF69413A (black)

2,904 UAH

Clutch Vatto Mk19Kr670 (black)

1,663 UAH

Clutch Horton TR5M-8871 Black

1,230 UAH

Clutch Horton TR5M-895-CZ Black

1,150 UAH

Clutch Vatto Mk-33.3 Kr600.190 (blue)

1,710 UAH

Clutch JMD 8058A (black)

790 UAH

Clutch Horton TR5M-824 (black)

930 UAH

Clutch Bags&Packs BP1022A Black

1,017 UAH

Clutch Marco TR198 Black

1,220 UAH

Clutch MS Ms040B (brown)

810 UAH

Clutch Bags&Packs BP1021C (coffee)

690 UAH

Clutch JMD 8069A (black)

960 UAH

Clutch Bags&Packs BP1018C (coffee)

1,179 UAH

Clutch JMD 8019A (black)

1,017 UAH

275 UAH

Clutch Horton HR198 (black)

1,220 UAH

Clutch MS MS003B Brown

930 UAH

Clutch JMD 8059A Black

825 UAH

Bag Vatto Mk13.5Kr450 (brown)

1,710 UAH

Clutch JMD 8059R (dark brown)

850 UAH

Clutch Vatto Mk-12.1Kr670 (black)

1,444 UAH

Clutch Issa Hara CL6-1 (11-00) fleet black

1,600 UAH

Clutch Bags&Packs BP1023A (black)

1,210 UAH

Clutch TIDING BAG 8023C (coffee)

990 UAH

Clutch Issa Hara CL2 (21-00) black croco

1,800 UAH

Clutch Issa Hara CL3 (31-32) Dark Blue

850 UAH

Clutch Issa Hara CLH7 (11-00) fleet black

2,050 UAH

Clutch Issa Hara CL3 (33-32) Blue

850 UAH

Clutch Issa Hara CL1 (21-00) black laked croco

1,900 UAH

499 UAH

Clutch Horton TR5M-895 (black)

1,150 UAH

Clutch Issa Hara CL3 (32-33) Brown

850 UAH

Clutch Vatto Mk19Kr450 (brown)

1,663 UAH

Clutch Issa Hara CL2-1 (11-00) fleet black

1,800 UAH

499 UAH

Clutch Vatto Mk19Kr600 (blue)

1,663 UAH

Clutch Issa Hara CL2 (11-00) fleet black

1,800 UAH

499 UAH

Clutch TIDING BAG 8025C (coffee)

1,010 UAH

Clutch TIDING BAG 8026C-coffee

910 UAH

Clutch Vatto Mk33.4Fl1Kaz600 (blue)

1,710 UAH

Clutch JMD 7160C (coffee)

2,731 UAH

436 UAH

Clutch Vatto Mk19Kaz1 (black)

1,663 UAH

Clutch Vatto Mk-33.4Kr670 (black)

1,710 UAH

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Men's clutches