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Small women's backpacks


A small female backpack is an indispensable accessory for every lady. Compact size, stylish appearance and excellent performance make this product as convenient and versatile as possible, suitable for everyday wear. A stylish accessory is the best addition to the fashion image.


Variety of small backpacks


Choosing a small female backpack in the catalog of an online store in Ukraine, you will come across a wide range of models from different manufacturers. The most popular leather goods. They differ in stylish appearance, good wear resistance and practicality. Such backpacks are universal, so they are suitable for any season of the year.


A good alternative - cheap little backpacks for girls from kozhzama. In appearance, they are identical with leather counterparts, but differ more affordable price. A wide choice of models from a natural material and its substitute allows to pick up the ideal model for all occasions.


In the warm season, textile options are popular. They are distinguished by a wide variety of designs and color solutions. At high humidity, they are less practical than leather and leatherette counterparts.


What to wear a small backpack with?


To order small female backpacks in online mode for a small price - a simple task. But before buying, you should still think about what kind of clothes you plan to combine it with. The most relevant is a similar accessory for sports and kazhual style. Do not forget about the style of Boho.


A small backpack will look great with jeans, shorts, jackets-jackets and a variety of shoes. For lovers of daring solutions, designers offer a unique combination - a backpack and a classic business style. In such cases, the accessory in its appearance looks like a portfolio with two straps. When going to buy a backpack, you should decide in advance with the color of the product. The most practical universal colors - black, blue, gray. For summer, the ideal option is a white accessory.


The best choice of small backpacks


When planning to buy a small women's backpack inexpensively in Kiev, be sure to check our store, which specializes in selling stylish accessories. We carefully select the assortment so that each buyer can find the right product. Delivery of orders is carried out throughout Ukraine. Affordable value of goods, quality service and a wide range - all this you will find in the store LIM.UA.


Backpack Louis Vuitton LV1210 (brown)

2,990 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BP1 (15-00) red

3,200 UAH

Backpack BlankNote Olsen Barbie

3,600 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BPM3 (17-00) white

3,050 UAH

Backpack BlankNote Olsen Onix

3,600 UAH

Backpack BlankNote Olsen Creme brulee

3,600 UAH

Backpack 2164-3

299 UAH

Backpack 2165-4

355 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETK640-10

1,026 UAH

Backpack Bull T1375 (black with red zipper)

1,156 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETK640-2

1,026 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETZG17-16-9

621 UAH

Backpack BlankNote Olsen Ruby

3,600 UAH

Backpack 553923 Light blue

620 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETZG21-17-2

567 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BP3 (11-00) black

2,800 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BP3 (15-00) red

2,800 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BPM3-05 (18-00) red

2,650 UAH

Backpack Valenta VBE619481

2,790 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETK656-12

1,026 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETZG17-16-2

621 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BPM3 (18-00) beige

3,050 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG t3126-Black

2,370 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG B15-8005A (black)

1,950 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BP3 (13-15) blue

2,800 UAH


510 UAH

Backpack Desisan SHI3132-4

3,256 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG M5186A (black)

2,370 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETZG22-17-28

567 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG t3101-black

2,870 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BP3 (12-15) brown

2,800 UAH

Backpack BlankNote BN-BAG-13-indigo Blue

3,600 UAH

Backpack Valenta VBE6188812

2,770 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETZG22-17-2

567 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BPM3 (16-15) grey

3,050 UAH

Backpack Bull T1346 (black)

1,156 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG t3124 (black)

2,490 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG B15-8003A-black

1,870 UAH

Backpack Gala Gurianoff GG1504-2

5,950 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BPM3 (14-00) brown

3,050 UAH

Backpack Valenta VBE609181x2

1,590 UAH

Backpack POOLPARTY 2164-6 Light blue

773 UAH

Backpack Gala Gurianoff GG1269-10

4,399 UAH

Backpack Gala Gurianoff GG1269-6

4,399 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG B15-8002A (black)

1,870 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG t3125 Black

2,370 UAH

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Small women's backpacks