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Women’s wallets


Fashion and accessories requirements are changing, but high-quality women's wallets in Ukraine are always in demand: no more products will be able to provide convenient and safe storage of cards and banknotes with the ability to quickly access. There is a rather wide variety of these accessories, allowing you to choose the necessary options for style, size, functionality and other criteria.


Types of women's wallets


The most common fashion purses for girls can be divided into several types. The first is rectangular rigid models, in the compartment for which you can put banknotes entirely. Usually the accessory has a buckle-valve or closes with a zipper, and in the interior there are sections for banknotes and cards. The main advantage of the product is that the money in it does not crumple. It fits almost all standard female handbags.


The second type is women's wallets in Ukraine with two folds. They contain bills, maps, as well as small documents (for example, a driver's license). The main advantage of the model is its compactness, but it is necessary to prepare for the fact that the money in it will be hacked. However, strongly on their appearance it will not be reflected.


Also popular are women's wallets in Kyiv of the third type. These are subtle models reminiscent of the cover of documents. This is the perfect solution for clutch and another small handbag. Banknotes in such accessories are held by a special clip. Depending on the model, thin additional compartments for maps and documents may be provided.


Criteria for choosing a women's wallet


To buy a women's wallet, prepared for a long and comfortable wearing, be guided by such factors:


  1. Material. This accessory is subject to frequent intensive exploitation, which means there is a risk of rapid wear. To avoid premature loss of external and physical qualities, give preference to natural skin. It will serve for many years, without losing any characteristics. Choosing a leather model, make sure the functionality of all the latches and fasteners, the reliability of fastening the fittings, high quality stitches. However, buying a brand accessory, you can be sure of meeting these criteria.
  2. Functions. Modern women's wallets are not only stylish, but practical products. They require capacity, convenience, availability of offices for everything you need: banknotes, cards, discounts, checks, documents. Pockets for small things are not so relevant, but in some cases, too, do not interfere. It is important to consider that filling affects model parameters: the more you are going to store, the larger the purse will be.
  3. Design. Now you can buy women's wallets fashionable rectangular or square shape, but also popular models with an unusual design. In general, it is worth to focus on the style: for example, choose a strict black model for a classic image or a multi-colored decorated - for everyday.


Advantageous purchase of the brand model


Inexpensive to buy a women's purse in Kyiv for the best price you can in our online store. The basis of our catalog is products from well-known brands with proven quality and guaranteed reliability. Quality materials, reasonable price, a large selection of models from the latest collections are important advantages of our store. You can order women's wallets in Ukraine online - the sale is conducted around the clock. We are ready to help with the choice and send a purchase to any locality in the country.


Cardholder BlankNote 6.0 Night sky

220 UAH

Travel-case BlankNote 5.0 Hazelnut

1,890 UAH

Credit-card holder BlankNote 7.0 Emerald

440 UAH

Key holder Issa Hara KA1 (01-00) black

250 UAH

Cardholder BlankNote 6.0 Graphite

220 UAH

Wallet BlankNote 1.0 Grape

720 UAH

Purse BlankNote 4.2 (Night sky)

650 UAH

Wallet for coins BlankNote 1.0 Grapes

340 UAH

Cardholder BlankNote 5.0 (slim) Hazelnut

260 UAH

Key holder BlankNote 3.0 Tube Onyx

490 UAH

Purse BlankNote 4.2 (Hazelnut)

650 UAH

Cardholder BlankNote 5.0 (slim) Graphite

260 UAH

Wallet Visconti RB40 Bali (lime)

1,410 UAH

Key holder Visconti MZ18 - Prato (black)

815 UAH

Wallet Visconti HT33 Madame (red)

1,520 UAH

Purse Horton TRW-8580A-A Black

990 UAH

Card case BlankNote 7.1 Night sky

440 UAH

Wallet Smith & Canova 26818 GREY Darley

1,850 UAH

Wallet Smith & Canova 28609 PURPLE Haxey

2,080 UAH

Key holder Visconti MZ18 - Prato (brown)

815 UAH

Travel-case BlankNote 2.0 Tiffany

970 UAH

Billfold BlankNote 4.1 (Cognac)

610 UAH

Billfold BlankNote 4.1 (Hazelnut)

610 UAH

Billfold BlankNote 4.1 (Night sky)

610 UAH

Wallet for coins BlankNote 1.0 Cognac

340 UAH

Wallet BlankNote 8.0 felt (ginger)

260 UAH

Purse BlankNote 4.2 (Coral)

650 UAH

Wallet BlankNote 1.0 Cognac

720 UAH

Cardholder Visconti MZ1 (black)

695 UAH

Billfold BlankNote 4.1 (Emerald)

610 UAH

Wallet BlankNote 8.0 (brown)

390 UAH

Purse BlankNote 2.0 Onix

540 UAH

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Women’s wallets