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Money clips


Many men prefer to go without barrettes and bags, carrying the necessary things in their pockets. In such cases, the money clip is a fine accessory for storing banknotes and cards, easily placed in any pocket and not "sticking out" of it. The thickness of the middle clamp is within 0.5 cm, while the thinnest leather purse has a thickness of about 1.5 cm.


Features and benefits of money clips


The product is easy to use and practical enough - the main thing is to correctly determine the content and make the appropriate choice. In fact, the standard clamp for bills in Ukraine is a dense cover, inside of which there is a convenient metal clamp. There are no pockets and compartments - due to this, compactness is achieved. The advantages of the accessory include:


  • minimum parameters - a thin product that has the dimensions of a folded billet, can fit in any pocket without any problems;
  • stylish design - the model looks modern, so it is rapidly becoming popular;
  • functionality - you can choose and buy a money clip in Kyiv with the function of fixing not only banknotes, but also bank cards.


The best material for the cover of the accessory is genuine leather. First, it looks expensive and presentable even after several years. Secondly, the absence of cracks on the folds and other damages is guaranteed. Thirdly, banknotes will be reliably protected from external factors. Now the leather money clip in Ukraine is inexpensive - especially if you take into account the long use of the model.


Kinds of clips for banknotes


With all the variety of models, there are several main categories that differ in appearance and other parameters:


  • leather accessory - a clothes clip with a metal clip inside - a model similar to a purse, characterized by high capacity. A quality clip reliably fixes the bills and at the same time prevents them from tearing during extraction. Average capacity - up to 25 banknotes;
  • leather plate with a cell for banknotes - a compact (up to 20 denominations) option. The money must be inserted in special slots. They can be used for storing plastic cards;
  • magnetic clamp for money - buy this option is mainly sought by young people who need simple and affordable accessories. Money is held by attracting two magnets on the edges of each side of the product. Total capacity - up to 15 bills. The price of the model is the most optimal.


Two myths about money clips


Now you can buy a money clip online by choosing the model you like in the catalog. But at the same time, some buyers are afraid of buying accessories on the Internet, trusting the widespread myths about the clips. The first of these is the opinion that it is inconvenient to use the product. But it"s enough to hold it in your hands and try to get or fix the banknotes to be sure - you cannot find a more practical solution.


The second myth says that typical buyers of accessories are young people: teenagers and students. But the fact is that practical solutions resonate with a broad target audience. Men of any age will like to carry money in a light thin product, placed in the pocket of trousers, jacket or even a shirt.


Buy a money clip in Ukraine at an affordable price can be found in our online store: we sell only high-quality leather accessories from proven brands. You can order your favorite model with delivery to the capital or to any locality in the country. We will help you make the right choice and provide prompt service.


Money clip Massimi K308 (brown)

649 UAH

Money clip BlankNote 1.0 (Graphite)

560 UAH

Money clip BlankNote 10.0 Graphite

580 UAH

Money clip BlankNote 10.0 Cognac

580 UAH

Money clip Tiding Bag FM-104 Brown

420 UAH

Money clip Tiding Bag YP-203 Black

350 UAH

Money clip Horton TR8991-71A Black

390 UAH

Money clip Tiding Bag YP-217 Brown

275 UAH

Money clip Smith & Canova 28587 BLK Bowgett

1,020 UAH

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Money clips