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Business cardholders


Business people and businessmen use business cards everywhere. Therefore, the issue of their reliable storage becomes topical. Leather business cardholder is the accessory that will help to classify all business cards, protect them from negative external factors, store them compactly and with convenient access.


This product provides not only convenience. Now it has become part of a modern business style that demonstrates the tastes and status of a person. Therefore, it is important that the business cardholder in Ukraine looks stylish, expensive and of high quality. Modern manufacturers have taken care of a sufficient choice of such models.


Criteria for choosing a business cardholder


The requirements for an accessory are quite strict: it must be practical, concise, reliable and beautiful. Another criterion is compactness: the product should be placed in any pocket or compartment of the purse. Now you can buy a business cardholder in Kyiv, designed only for storing cards, or a universal model with compartments for banknotes or coins.


To realize all the requirements for the quality of products allows the material - natural leather. It is from her sew accessories, ready for intensive and long operation with preservation of reliability and external gloss. Even aging, the skin will look noble. Therefore, the cost of the accessory will be compensated by long-term use. Another plus - the cards inside will be reliably protected, including from moisture. The choice of leather models is great. You can select by:


  • texture: smooth, embossed, with imitation of exotic skin;
  • gloss: glossy, matte;
  • color: from classic black to bright colors;
  • style: from business to everyday.


The most common business cardholder in Ukraine is a model with a minimalistic design, simple lines and without decorative elements, black or dark brown. It is ideal for a business image, but can complement the everyday style.


Types of business cardholders


The market offers several types of accessories that you need to choose, focusing on personal perceptions of convenience and compactness. For example, an inexpensive business cardholder in Kyiv is a cover or a pocket of leather with a lid-valve on the fastener. Inside, there are several business cards that you need to put together, without splitting. This option is suitable if you want to store only your own identical business cards, or if there are few cards.


Another common business cardholder in Kyiv - in the form of a small booklet with a leather cover, inside which there are separate offices for storing cards. This is more convenient: you can expand the content by type and importance, and even more storage space is obtained. Plus, it"s easy to access: you can get the right card right away.


How to save on buying


The price of a leather brand accessory is quite high. The cost will pay off, given the continued operation of the product, but still the modern market offers savings options for buyers. It is ordering products online in a convenient online store directory. Unlike the classic store, the outlet in the Network is "spared" from several key expenses (in particular, for renting a retail space). This allows you to offer customers a more affordable price.


You can buy an inexpensive business cardholder on our website: we are selling branded products made of genuine leather with guaranteed quality. We organize the dispatch of purchases within Kyiv and in any locality in the country. Always ready to help with the choice and answer your questions. We guarantee quality and courteous service. Hurry up to buy the actual accessory for yourself or as a business presentation.


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