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Wallets with clip


Opponents of bulky accessories will use a purse with a clamp - a very compact, practical and modern version of the product that fits easily in the pocket of jeans or trousers, as well as in the inner pocket without bulging and uncomfortable sensations. The product is a dense cover mainly of genuine leather, inside which is a metal or any other clamp for banknotes or cards. There are universal models and "highly specialized" - for example, only for cash.


Purpose and choice of a purse with a clip


A modern wallet with a clip in Ukraine is an alternative to classic wallets, which are quite bulky. Owners of standard accessories actually carry a lot of unnecessary things with them: for example, discounts that are applied at best once a year, coins that are practically depreciated. Plus, along with the wallet you have to take an accessory for wearing it: a purse or a bag. The modern purse with a clamp for money solves all problems:


  • it can be carried in your pocket;
  • shape and size assume wearing only necessary;
  • the model looks stylish and fits any image;
  • the clamp ensures reliable fixation of the contents;
  • the product is easy to use.


Another purse with a clip features an elegant design and a large selection of colors, textures, shapes. The leather base makes it as reliable as possible. This is predominantly a male accessory, but there are options for the female style.


Types and easy purchase of models


As already mentioned, the most common laconic options are in the form of a cover with a clamp located inside. Modern manufacturers have provided many variations: for example, models with additional pockets or card clamps. The clamp is usually located in the middle of the notes, and the banknotes themselves are folded in half. On the sides, access to them is free: it allows you to quickly count and extract the right amount.


It is beneficial to buy a purse with a money clip in Kyiv, you can in our online store. The assortment includes only branded accessories with proven quality and an appropriate optimal price. You can purchase the product for yourself or as a status presentation. In any case, we will help to make a choice, quickly process the order, organize transportation through the capital or within the country.


Billfold BlankNote 1.0 karbon (Hazelnut)

560 UAH

Billfold BlankNote 1.0 karbon (Graphite)

560 UAH

Money clip Massimi K308 (brown)

649 UAH

Billfold BlankNote 1.0 (Hazelnut)

560 UAH

Billfold BlankNote 1.0 (Night sky)

560 UAH

Money clip BlankNote 1.0 (Graphite)

560 UAH

Money clip BlankNote 10.0 Graphite

580 UAH

Money clip BlankNote 10.0 Cognac

580 UAH

Money clip Tiding Bag FM-104 Brown

420 UAH

Card case Teemzone K308 (brown)

618 UAH

Money clip Horton TR8991-71A Black

390 UAH

Money clip Tiding Bag YP-203 Black

350 UAH

Money clip Tiding Bag YP-217 Brown

275 UAH

Money clip Smith & Canova 28587 BLK Bowgett

1,020 UAH

Billfold HORTON TR86-539 Black

650 UAH

490 UAH

Billfold HORTON TR390A Black

550 UAH

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Wallets with clip