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Men's wallets


The leather wallet is the perfect men's and women's accessory for storing money in any way. The classic product does not lose its relevance: if earlier it was more focused on banknotes, now manufacturers take care of adding modern models with pockets for bank cards, business cards and badges. Choosing an accessory, it is worth considering three criteria: design, quality and functionality. The price also matters, but is secondary.


Purse, notecase, wallet - what's the difference?


There are three types of accessories that, in fact, perform the same function. But there is a difference between them, so you should explain this before choosing. A purse is a product with a fastener intended for storing banknotes and (necessarily) for coins. Now there"s a card slot inside. In this case, the notes are stored in the deployed position. Designed for men and women. Manufacturers offer many options with different designs and colors.


The purse is a universal product, more compact in comparison with a purse. Banknotes in it are stored in a folded form - most often in half, but sometimes folded three times. Coin compartments are provided only in female models. There are many slots for cards (bank, business), and some of them are placed on the outside.


Notecase - originally this was exclusively a male version of the product designed to store money and documents. But now there are female models. The main difference is a large number of offices for certificates, passports, and other papers. The pocket for coins is not available in principle, and the offices for banknotes are not allocated the main place.


Types of modern wallets


The degree of convenience of the accessory is determined by itself: someone has enough pairs of compartments and a pocket, and someone needs a large number of compartments. Determine the list of things that are planned to be worn in the purse, it is better to start choosing - this will help not to miss anything. Now you can buy a wallet in Ukraine of the following types:


  • twofold - designed for the inner pocket of the jacket. It is formed according to the principle of the book;
  • threefold - decomposes into three parts. More compact, but its thickness is greater;
  • cardholder - a product intended only for storing cards. Sometimes a clamp for money is added. Very compact accessory, but with a large number of notes not always convenient;
  • travelerholder - the original purse for travel. The key difference is the increased number of offices.


Why you need to buy wallets from genuine leather


The quality of the accessory is determined by its material. Natural leather is a noble appearance, strength, durability, readiness for long and intensive operation, protection of contents from moisture. This is a guarantee that the pocket for the coins does not come off, but on the folds there will be no cracks. In terms of design to offer something new is difficult - it's hard to move away from convenient shapes and sizes. Therefore, a fashionable notecase in Kyiv is an item made of high-quality leather (most often calfskin), with even stitches, reliable metal fittings, exact dimensions.


How much is the purse: the basic price criteria


There are several factors that shape the cost of accessories. Here are the main of them:


  • quality - depends on the type and class of the skin, as well as the technologies of its processing and sewing methods;
  • embossing, texture - the price of an accessory with a smooth surface is usually lower than products with imitation under the skin of reptiles or other unique texture;
  • wearing method (form factor). There are options for wearing in inner pockets, in bags, in outer pockets;
  • additional branches - many prefer to buy a purse in Ukraine with a large number of pockets for cards (discounts, banknotes, business cards). But the relevance of the pocket for coins is reduced;
  • non-standard solutions - there is a separate class of products produced in small print runs. These are either accessories from elite leather, or models with modern functions (for example, built-in GPS transmitters in case of loss or abduction).


Advantageous sale of wallets online


You can buy purses, wallets and notecases in Kyiv inexpensively in our online store: the catalog includes beautiful leather models from well-known manufacturers that provide a guarantee for their products. In the range - actual colors and styles to choose from, models for men and women. You can order purses with the optimal cost and delivery to the capital or to any city in Ukraine.


Cardholder BlankNote 6.0 Night sky

220 UAH

Poke Visconti 707-Shield (Oil Brown)

1,020 UAH

Travel-case BlankNote 5.0 Hazelnut

1,890 UAH

Purse RUFF RYDER RE-00285W Brown

550 UAH

Credit-card holder BlankNote 7.0 Emerald

440 UAH

Key holder Issa Hara KA1 (01-00) black

250 UAH

Purse RUFF RYDER RE-00248W Black

550 UAH

Poke Visconti ALP86 Tom Black

1,820 UAH

Cardholder BlankNote 6.0 Graphite

220 UAH

Purse BlankNote 4.2 (Night sky)

650 UAH

Wallet Bags&Packs BP1002A (black)

640 UAH

Billfold Visconti HT6-Harley (Brown)

840 UAH

Wallet for coins BlankNote 1.0 Grapes

340 UAH

Cardholder BlankNote 5.0 (slim) Hazelnut

260 UAH

Purse BlankNote 4.2 (Hazelnut)

650 UAH

Cardholder BlankNote 5.0 (slim) Graphite

260 UAH

Key holder Visconti MZ18 - Prato (black)

815 UAH

Billfold Visconti TSC39 Xavi Black

1,200 UAH

Card case Visconti VSL25 Rasor (oil-tan)

760 UAH

Purse Horton TRW-8580A-A Black

990 UAH

Card case BlankNote 7.1 Night sky

440 UAH

Purse Horton TR796A Black

575 UAH

Key holder Visconti MZ18 - Prato (brown)

815 UAH

Billfold BlankNote 4.1 (Cognac)

610 UAH

Billfold BlankNote 4.1 (Hazelnut)

610 UAH

Billfold BlankNote 4.1 (Night sky)

610 UAH

Wallet for coins BlankNote 1.0 Cognac

340 UAH

Wallet BlankNote 8.0 felt (ginger)

260 UAH

Wallet BlankNote 1.0 Cognac

720 UAH

Billfold BlankNote 4.1 (Emerald)

610 UAH

Billfold BlankNote 1.0 karbon (Hazelnut)

560 UAH

Billfold BlankNote 1.0 karbon (Graphite)

560 UAH

Cardholder Visconti MZ1 (black)

695 UAH

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Men's wallets