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Leather wallets


Now leather wallets are the most popular accessories for modern women and men. Being status products, they emphasize the ideal taste, sense of style and financial position of the owners. Naturally, their main function is to keep money in different forms - with this task, the products are handled perfectly.


Forms and styles of leather wallets


In Ukraine, leather wallets of various types are widespread: compact and long, designed only for banknotes or having many additional offices, strictly classical and bright for everyday wear. Therefore, when choosing a sufficiently clear understanding of the need for an accessory and a list of items for storage in it: the assortment will allow you to choose the ideal option. Now widespread leather purses in Kyiv of these types:


  • classic models for the entire length of the banknote, with additional compartments;
  • options in the format of the cover with the presence of a large compartment and a large number of pockets for cards;
  • models designed only for banknotes or solely for cards;
  • a compact and comfortable leather purse is prent among men: it bends half of the banknote and puts everything you need: from coins to banknotes and small documents.


Given the opportunities and options, the choice of an accessory will not be difficult - everyone will find the right product for their needs. It is important to consider several factors.


Peculiarities of choosing wallets for men and women


Leather wallets in Ukraine are most popular, as they are the most practical, durable and comfortable products. Even with intensive wearing and use, the appearance of the accessory will remain at its original level. There is no risk of loss of functionality: the seams remain the same sturdy, and all compartments fulfill their purpose for a long period. The cost of such models is justified by long-term exploitation: once spent, you will forget about buying a wallet for many years.


When choosing a purse, pay attention to the quality of the skin. Good material is soft, has no creases and folds, is thin enough and with a uniform color. The stitches are even, without marriage and omissions. All kinds of fasteners and fittings are exclusively metal. It is better to buy branded leather purses in Kyiv: at an optimum cost, their quality is guaranteed, so you do not have to suffer with the choice and verification of the naturalness of the material. Authoritative companies will not spoil the reputation of frankly bad products.


In addition to the material, the important factors of choice include color, filling, type of fastener, texture and other subtleties. Here everyone is free to choose his own way. It should be said only one thing: for classic images that need to match the dress code, smooth models of neutral dark colors will do. In other cases, there are no restrictions, so you can choose to taste.


Convenient purchase of an accessory


Inexpensive to buy a leather purse online you can in our online store: we can easily order your favorite model from an extensive catalog at an affordable price. We sell exclusively brand products with unquestionably high quality. You can buy the right model with an excellent service: we help with a choice, quickly process orders, arrange accurate delivery within the country, promptly answer questions. Make a choice in favor of convenience, reliability and high style.


Cardholder BlankNote 6.0 Night sky

220 UAH

Travel-case BlankNote 5.0 Hazelnut

1,890 UAH

Purse RUFF RYDER RE-00285W Brown

550 UAH

Credit-card holder BlankNote 7.0 Emerald

440 UAH

Key holder Issa Hara KA1 (01-00) black

250 UAH

Purse RUFF RYDER RE-00248W Black

550 UAH

Wallet Visconti M87 Malibu (red/multi)

1,450 UAH

Wallet Bags&Packs BP1002A (black)

640 UAH

Wallet BlankNote 1.0 Grape

720 UAH

Purse BlankNote 4.2 (Night sky)

650 UAH

Cardholder BlankNote 6.0 Graphite

220 UAH

Billfold Visconti HT6-Harley (Brown)

840 UAH

Purse BlankNote 4.2 (Hazelnut)

650 UAH

Cardholder BlankNote 5.0 (slim) Hazelnut

260 UAH

Wallet for coins BlankNote 1.0 Grapes

340 UAH

Poke Visconti 707-Shield (Oil Brown)

1,020 UAH

Cardholder BlankNote 5.0 (slim) Graphite

260 UAH

Wallet Visconti RB40 Bali (lime)

1,410 UAH

Card case Visconti VSL25 Rasor (oil-tan)

760 UAH

Billfold Visconti TSC39 Xavi Black

1,200 UAH

Billfold S.J.D. R-8142-3C (coffee)

490 UAH

Wallet Visconti HT32 Picadilly (Fuchsia)

1,460 UAH

Purse Horton TRW-8580A-A Black

990 UAH

Purse Horton TR796A Black

575 UAH

Key holder Visconti MZ18 - Prato (brown)

815 UAH

Travel-case BlankNote 2.0 Tiffany

970 UAH

Poke Visconti AP63 Lucerne (Black/Orange)

1,380 UAH

Billfold BlankNote 4.1 (Cognac)

610 UAH

Billfold BlankNote 4.1 (Hazelnut)

610 UAH

Purse BlankNote 4.2 (Coral)

650 UAH

Poke Visconti ALP86 Tom Black

1,820 UAH

Wallet BlankNote 1.0 Cognac

720 UAH

Billfold BlankNote 4.1 (Night sky)

610 UAH

Billfold BlankNote 4.1 (Emerald)

610 UAH

Billfold BlankNote 1.0 karbon (Hazelnut)

560 UAH

Billfold BlankNote 1.0 karbon (Graphite)

560 UAH

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Leather wallets