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Wallets for coins


To store coins in pockets is a mauveton, and in a wallet they are not always appropriate too (as they make it thicker). In this case, a coin purse will be useful - a compact leather accessory, designed for storage and convenient access to coins of any denomination. For modern people, this product and the money clip often replace large bulky purses.


Types and shapes of coin purses


The purpose of the accessory is one - it must ensure the safety and compact storage of broken money. The design is also very simple and does not involve special innovations. In fact, this is a small pocket with a clasp in the form of a valve. Therefore, the main task is to buy a high quality coin purse in Ukraine: from a durable material with reliable fittings. Among all the variety several groups of accessories can be identified:


  • with different fastenings: magnetic, button, portfolio lock;
  • with one or more compartments for coins of different denominations;
  • in a simple traditional style or with a modern design.


The best coin purse in Kyiv is a genuine leather product. The material guarantees its reliability, long-term operation without loss of external qualities and properties, water resistance and expensive appearance.


Advantages of pocket coin purses


This accessory is preferred by many: among customers are people of different ages, occupations and hobbies. Pocket coin purse in Ukraine is inexpensive, so anyone can afford it. The advantages of the product include:


  • originality - despite the traditional purpose and simplicity of the forms, the accessory is invariably useful and is not available to everyone. Therefore, it is a good gift option;
  • versatility - considering the variety of styles, shapes and colors, you can buy a coin purse at an affordable price for a man and a woman;
  • convenience - a relatively large pocket opens up easy access to coins and allows you to quickly count the desired amount;
  • compact - the product easily fits in any pocket or compartment of a purse or handbag. Thanks to a convenient design, the money stored inside it does not ring when walking.


Great choice and convenient purchase


If you need a coin purse in Kyiv at the best price - you can buy it online in our online store. Choose your favorite model in the catalog: we are selling accessories of proven quality only from well-known brands. You can place an order with delivery to the capital or to any city in our country. We guarantee efficiency, high-quality service and reliability of accessories.


Purse RUFF RYDER RE-00285W Brown

550 UAH

Wallet for coins BlankNote 1.0 Grapes

340 UAH

Purse Horton TRW-8580A-A Black

990 UAH

Purse Horton TR796A Black

575 UAH

Wallet for coins BlankNote 1.0 Cognac

340 UAH

Wallet for coins BlankNote 1.0 Graphite

340 UAH

Wallet for coins BlankNote 1.0 Malachite

340 UAH

Wallet for coins BlankNote 1.0 Navy blue

340 UAH

Wallet for coins BlankNote 1.0 Tiffany

340 UAH

Purse TIDING BAG 8063C Brown

490 UAH

Purse TIDING BAG A7-638A black

390 UAH

Purse TIDING BAG A7-258A black

380 UAH

Purse TIDING BAG A7-270-1A black

370 UAH

Purse HORTON TRW786A Black

580 UAH

Purse RUFF RYDER RE-00257W Brown

550 UAH

Purse RUFF RYDER RE-00248W Black

550 UAH

Purse Horton TRW8580A Black

990 UAH

Purse Horton TRW7950A Black

850 UAH

Wallet Horton TRW-198A-BO Burgundy

990 UAH

Wallet Horton TRW2996R Red

930 UAH

Wallet Horton Trw2996-1A Black

930 UAH

Purse Horton TRW-52990A-BL Blue

799 UAH

Wallet Horton TRW8606A Black

1,600 UAH

Purse RUFF RYDER RE-0176W Brown

550 UAH

Wallet Horton TRW8606R Red

1,600 UAH

Purse BEXHILL BX8301R Brown

590 UAH

Purse BEXHILL BX8929A Black

550 UAH

Wallet Smith & Canova 28536 FCS Haxey

1,690 UAH

Wallet Horton TRW-22993A-DP Pink

960 UAH

Purse Horton TRW3944A Black

990 UAH

Wallet Horton TRW-22993A-BO Burgundy

960 UAH

Wallet Horton TRW8584BL Blue

930 UAH

Wallet TIDING BAG 8053C Brown

550 UAH

Purse Horton TR77-697 Black

570 UAH

Wallet Horton TRW2996BL Blue

930 UAH

Wallet Horton TR662 Black

675 UAH

Wallet Tiding Bag 8033R Brown

850 UAH

Wallet TIDING BAG 8032A Black

880 UAH

Wallet Horton TRW968-049G Grey

990 UAH

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Wallets for coins