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Women’s leather backpacks


Women's handbag is an important accessory, but now the women's leather backpack in Ukraine is becoming more popular than classic bags. The secret is simple: style and convenience in it are combined with practicality and durability. The properties of the natural material contribute to these advantages. And fashion trends have made rucksacks the most popular modern accessories.


What is the difference between women's backpacks made of leather?


The reality is that a few years ago only men could afford to carry a backpack around the city: they were read exclusively by a male accessory. But now everything has changed: a leather women's backpack confidently came out on top among urban women's bags. Practicality. Convenience and functionality are its main advantages. Also, the product is appreciated for:


  • adjustable straps with soft inserts;
  • maximum wearing comfort;
  • minimal burden on the back;
  • free hands and no stiff movements;
  • preservation of initial qualities;
  • a variety of offices for easy storage of content.


Due to the large assortment it is possible to order women's leather backpacks of any size, style, color. Thus, you can achieve a combination of this accessory with almost any way: from sports to business, not to mention everyday.


Criteria for choosing a women's backpack made of leather


The decision to buy leather backpacks for girls is already a priori correct: any product made of genuine leather justifies its price and serves as long as possible. However, reliability is weighty, but not the only factor of choice. Therefore, before buying should carefully think over the options for using the accessory and take into account such points:


  1. Choose a version only from genuine leather. Leatherette is inexpensive, but its service life is an order of magnitude lower. He is more susceptible to the influence of negative external factors.
  2. Closure type. The central and largest compartment of the product can be closed with a zipper or a lanyard with a lock, and an additional valve from above. What to choose? This is already a matter of convenience, and it needs to be addressed individually.
  3. Dimensions. Any catalog now includes compact women's backpacks from genuine leather (in fact, a little more clutches or handbags over the shoulder). There are the most common average sizes, and there are large ones: inside are spare clothes, a laptop and any other large object.
  4. Number and type of secession. Another individual characteristic. The assortment allows you to choose the right product without any restrictions.


Convenient order leather backpack for a girl


It is profitable to buy a women's leather backpack online at the best value possible in the online store LIM.UA. We work in Kiev, but we are ready to organize the fastest dispatch of purchases to all the settlements of the country. On sale - models of different purposes, style and price category. Choose them for high-quality photos and detailed specifications. We are ready to answer all your questions, as well as give expert advice on your choice.


Backpack S.J.D. 2010A (black)

2,210 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BP1 (15-00) red

3,200 UAH

Backpack TuNoNa SK2430-2

728 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BPM3 (17-00) white

3,050 UAH

Backpack BlankNote Olsen Creme brulee

3,600 UAH

Backpack BlankNote Olsen Onix

3,600 UAH

Backpack BlankNote Olsen Barbie

3,600 UAH

Backpack TuNoNa SK2428-2

1,234 UAH

Backpack BlankNote Olsen Ruby

3,600 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BPM3-05 (18-00) red

2,650 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BP3 (15-00) red

2,800 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BPM3 (18-00) beige

3,050 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BP3 (11-00) black

2,800 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BP3 (13-15) blue

2,800 UAH

Backpack TuNoNa SK2404-24

809 UAH

Backpack Desisan SHI3132-4

3,377 UAH

Backpack TuNoNa SK2404-1

809 UAH

Backpack TuNoNа SK2404-2

809 UAH

Backpack TuNoNa SK2428-10

1,234 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BPM3 (16-15) grey

3,050 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BP3 (12-15) brown

2,800 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BPM3 (14-00) brown

3,050 UAH

Backpack TuNoNa SK2404-28

809 UAH

Backpack Gala Gurianoff GG1269-10

1,520 UAH

Backpack TIFENIS TF70055-1C (coffee)

5,450 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETK002-110

1,521 UAH

Backpack Gala Gurianoff GG1504-2

1,900 UAH

Backpack Gala Gurianoff GG1269-6

1,520 UAH

Backpack Visconti TC86 Saddle Brown

3,940 UAH

Backpack TuNoNa SK2404-17

809 UAH

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Women’s leather backpacks