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Fashion clutch - in fact, a large purse with a beautiful design, designed to carry the necessary minimum: the most necessary items from the cosmetic bag and, for example, a smart phone. This is predominantly a female accessory (although there are also male variants), which is customarily worn in the hands. But now there are models with thin straps or chains for putting on a brush or on the shoulder.

Key features of clutches

Now you can buy clutch in Ukraine of classic sizes (50x140x200 mm), but modern manufacturers also produce other options - less or more. This allows you to make a choice of an accessory, focusing on personal preferences. As for stylistics - clutches are divided into the following categories:

  • evening;
  • everyday;
  • theatrical;
  • decorative;
  • business;
  • models-transformers.

The best clutch bag in Kyiv is a model made of genuine leather. The material gives the product such advantages: durability, noble appearance, reliability, waterproof. These are products that will retain their qualities for several years. On the operational and aesthetic qualities they are much more reliable than accessories made of textiles and other materials.

How to choose clutches for different types of outfits

Modern clutch is inexpensive, and style diversity is breathtaking. Therefore, women of fashion can choose accessories for certain styles of clothing. Here are some fashionable canons:

  • strict rectangular products fit the business suit. The best material is leather, the optimal color is black;
  • for evening dress it is better to buy products with a hand strap and with a decor - embroidery, appliqué, shiny jewelry or sequins;
  • with everyday clothes, a classic clutch bag is combined, matched to the color of things. You can choose options with decor and without;
  • with a winter wardrobe harmonizes the accessory of genuine leather with fur inserts.

In general, the handbag is chosen, trying to pick it up in the tone of shoes. Well combined with clutch shoes with high heels. But with their sneakers it is better not to relate. The accessory is not combined with sports and folk clothes. The color of the model should contrast with the basic color of the clothes. Do not experiment with close colors - for example, buy a red accessory to a pink dress.

A few words about men's clutches

Men can also buy a clutch in Ukraine - our online store offers several relevant models, made in a strict neutral style. A properly selected product emphasizes the impeccable taste of a man and a good sense of style. Use it as a large purse - for storing documents, business cards, smart phone, money. This is a good option for a business gift.

Three common form factors

In our catalog you can order online clutches, transformers and boxes. The first option is a classic. In form, method of closure and appearance, they resemble postal envelopes. They are worn on the arm or on the shoulder, the sheets of paper folded in half without problems are placed inside.


Clutch Teemzone S3310 black

1,967 UAH

1,696 UAH

Clutch Teemzone S3315 (black)

1,600 UAH

Clutch BEXHILL BX9202 (dark brown)

650 UAH

Clutch Tifenis TF69413C Brown

2,750 UAH

Clutch Teemzone S3360 (black)

1,987 UAH

1,702 UAH

Clutch Hautton QB140 (black)

1,250 UAH

Clutch Baellerry B007 Black

1,844 UAH

1,720 UAH

Clutch Teemzone S3348 (brown)

1,981 UAH

1,696 UAH

Clutch Hautton QB103 Black

1,250 UAH

Clutch Teemzone S3348-2 black

1,981 UAH

1,838 UAH

Clutch Horton TR4896-2 (black)

1,150 UAH

Clutch L1298-22 (brown)

1,683 UAH

Clutch TIFENIS TF69936-3A (black)

2,760 UAH

Clutch JMD 8022C (coffee)

1,017 UAH

Clutch Bags&Packs BP1025C (coffee)

1,126 UAH

1,026 UAH

Clutch Bags&Packs BP1024C (coffee)

1,210 UAH

Clutch Bags&Packs BP1026B (brown)

890 UAH

Clutch Horton TR5M-8871 Black

1,150 UAH

Clutch Tiding Bag T4009R Brown

990 UAH

Clutch Vatto Mk-33.3 Kr600.190 (blue)

1,555 UAH

Clutch Hautton SZB85 (black)

1,693 UAH

1,565 UAH

Clutch Teemzone S3348 (black)

1,981 UAH

1,696 UAH

Clutch Teemzone Q0501-Black

1,539 UAH

1,339 UAH

Clutch Feger 8699A (black)

1,159 UAH

Clutch B007 Brown

1,844 UAH

1,510 UAH

Clutch Horton TR6948 Black

890 UAH

Clutch Hautton SZB116B (red brown)

960 UAH

Clutch Bags&Packs BP1017R (dark brown)

880 UAH

Clutch TIDING BAG t33775 (dark brown)

850 UAH

Clutch Hautton SZB110 (black)

890 UAH

Clutch JMD 8019B (brown)

1,017 UAH

Clutch Bags&PacksBP1015A black

1,210 UAH

Clutch Hautton SZB46C (coffee)

990 UAH

Clutch Teemzone Q483 (black)

1,424 UAH

1,311 UAH

Clutch JMD 8027C (coffee)

990 UAH

Clutch Marco TR198 Black

970 UAH

Clutch Hautton SZB116 (black)

960 UAH

Clutch Hautton SZB104 (black)

1,694 UAH

1,565 UAH

Clutch TIDING BAG JN9062A (black)

980 UAH

Clutch JMD 8036C (coffee)

990 UAH

Clutch JMD 8068R (dark brown)

1,176 UAH

1,026 UAH

Clutch JMD 8035C (coffee)

880 UAH

Clutch Hautton SZB88A (black

875 UAH

Clutch Horton TR441 (black)

920 UAH

Clutch JMD R-8122Q (dark brown)

881 UAH

731 UAH

Clutch JMD 8034Q (dark brown)

730 UAH

Clutch Hautton SZB117 (black)

940 UAH

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