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Women's bags

A women's handbag is not just a convenient and indispensable accessory, but also a display of the image, style preferences, status of the possessor. Each fashion-monger needs to buy a women"s bag in Ukraine for hiking, walking, shopping, going out, attending holidays and so on. There are many criteria for choosing an accessory for each life situation.

How to choose a women's bag by design

The handbag for work should be practical: the product usually wears a cosmetic bag, documents, a diary, and sometimes a lunchbox. The amount of the enhancement should suffice for all things. The best style is laconic and simple, color - black, gray or brown. Ideal for women's bags in the format of portfolios - they are well in harmony with business suits.

Everyday accessory should be characterized by medium sizes and a large number of compartments. This will allow you to conveniently arrange the most necessary things individually: a smart phone, a cosmetic bag, headphones, a notebook ... The evening handbag should be small and catchy. Its task is to put the necessary minimum of things and put an emphasis on the image. The shape of the handbag is divided into:

  • Hobo - in the form of a half moon with a semicircular handle and one lock. An excellent everyday option;
  • Satchel - with a dense bottom and soft walls. Buy a bag of women in Kyiv of this type is preferred by many women of fashion: a roomy accessory is suitable for work and everyday wear;
  • Framebag - with a solid frame and a solid bottom. At the expense of this design, nothing will fade inside and not spoil. An accessory is worn in the hand;
  • Wristlet (on the belt) - a convenient option for walking, morning jogging, trekking. All the necessary things are always at hand;
  • Tote - large women's bags with an open top without a clasp and separate two handles. They are like economic, but more stylish;
  • Clutches - tiny accessories, mainly designed to complement the evening dress (but there are business, wedding and other options).

Material, accessories and lining of women's bags

Modern models are made from a wide range of materials, but the best traditionally is the natural leather. Leather handbags in Kyiv are inexpensive (especially considering their high reliability) and they do not crack, do not rub, they are easy to clean. They serve several years, maintaining a noble appearance. They look expensive, do not rush, require minimal care.

To the bag accessories include lightning or locks, buttons and fasteners. All of them should be metal - this is an indicator of a quality model. The best option is the titanium fittings - it does not lose appeal with time and almost never breaks. The cost of such bags in Ukraine is available to people who value quality.

The lining in the purse should be strong, but at the same time soft. The best materials for it are synthetic: capron or nylon. They are prepared for long-term operation without damage, while maintaining an aesthetic appearance.

Convenient and profitable purchase of an accessory

The catalog of an online store is the best place to choose a women's handbag. Here you can order an online product at an affordable price - after all, this format of sale allows you to save significantly on the purchase of branded products compared to the prices in conventional stores. Our online store of women's bags works in Kyiv and provides delivery of purchases across Ukraine. Here you can buy quality bags from the best manufacturers at an affordable price with a warranty, prompt service, qualified consultants.


Bag Jasper&Maine 7071LC (light coffee)

3,480 UAH

Bag Visconti 18885 Black

1,200 UAH

Bag Visconti 18608/A (Sand)

1,420 UAH

Bag TuNoNа SK2410-2

638 UAH

Bag Desisan SHI3136-180

2,506 UAH

Bag BlankNote DropBag Cognac

1,970 UAH

Bag TuNoNa SK2409-1

666 UAH

Bag John McDee 5003K (dark blue)

610 UAH

Bag Desisan SHI2932-6

2,645 UAH

Bag BlankNote BN-BAG-3-felt-vin (grape)

1,500 UAH

Bag BlankNote BN-BAG-3-felt-g (graphite)

1,500 UAH

Bag L&D L96290 (grey)

1,860 UAH

Bag Desisan SHI1484-580

2,297 UAH

Bag Desisan SHI2811-1KR

2,506 UAH

Bag TuNoNа SK2412-2

601 UAH

Bag BlankNote DropBag Tiffany

1,970 UAH

Bag Tefia T-144 (lilac)

1,400 UAH

Bag TuNoNа SK2416-12

773 UAH

Bag Tefia P-Grey

1,600 UAH

Bag Vatto B55N5 (crimson)

1,584 UAH

Bag Visconti 721 (oil tan)

1,520 UAH

Bag Visconti 720 (sand)

1,050 UAH

Bag Vatto B14N1 (black)

1,353 UAH

Bag Visconti 18606 (Oil Tan)

1,200 UAH

Bag Vatto B55N4 (blue)

1,584 UAH

Bag Karya SHI0559-46

1,879 UAH

Bag Visconti 720 (brown)

1,050 UAH

Bag TuNoNа SK2401-4

638 UAH

Bag Vatto B14N2 (brown)

1,353 UAH

Bag Visconti 18606 (Sand)

1,200 UAH

Bag Vatto B62N6 (khaki)

1,353 UAH

Bag Visconti 18606 (Black)

1,370 UAH

1,200 UAH

Bag Vatto B14N6 (khaki)

1,353 UAH

Bag Vatto B14N4 (blue)

1,353 UAH

Bag BlankNote Spirit Ruby

2,190 UAH

Bag Visconti 721 (oil brown)

1,520 UAH

Bag Visconti 721 (brown)

1,520 UAH

Bag DNK Leather DNK-Urban-bag-col.22

438 UAH

Bag Issa Hara Ксения (11-00) black

900 UAH

Bag BlankNote DropBag Grape

1,970 UAH

Bag TuNoNа SK2412-6

601 UAH

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Women's bags