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Women's backpacks


Now women's backpacks are again in the category of trendy accessories. Modern girls and women choose these models, fully appreciating the convenience and spaciousness in comparison with standard handbags. Manufacturers, given this fact, offer a huge variety of models. Now you can choose a backpack by volume, style, appearance, color, material and other characteristics.


How to choose a woman's backpack: the main nuances


Most often girls prefer to buy a women's backpack in Ukraine of small or medium capacity. In the city, this is the best option: it allows you to walk without problems in a large crowd of people, to travel in public transport. Given the variety of options, choose an accessory should be based on such key factors:


  • sizes that completely satisfy the needs (you should focus on an approximate list of daily things to be carried);
  • comfort when wearing;
  • quality of the material and fittings;
  • convenient access to each compartment and pocket.

Backpack for girls in Kyiv - not only a practical thing, but also an obligatory fashionable addition to the image. Therefore, the choice of style is almost decisive. But the functionality should not be forgotten either. Material is of great importance. The best option is a genuine leather that makes an accessory literally eternal. It can be worn in any weather, without fear for the safety of the contents and loss of appearance. More affordable women's backpacks from dense fabric with polyurethane impregnation. They are also quite waterproof and bright. And they are more universal, since they are suitable also for sports images.


Selection of a woman's backpack for the style of clothes


To form a natural and harmonious image, you should order women's backpacks in Kyiv, focusing on a certain favorite type of clothes and your own style:


  1. Creative models will suit models with an unusual design, a lot of pockets, offices and lightning (so that everything you need is at hand). They are in harmony with loose skirts and dresses, everyday jeans and even shorts.
  2. Business women should choose women's backpacks in Ukraine with a one-color quiet coloring, with a minimum of decor or without it. Optimum purchase of a leather model: it will fit well with strict skirts, blouses, dresses, trouser suits.
  3. Romantic girls are also suitable for women's backpacks: small bright models with an abundance of decor in the form of chains, stones, pearls. Such accessories are well combined with airy light dresses.
  4. Lovers of very stylish things should choose accessories from patent leather, with imitation of crocodiles and other exotic leather or with a smooth surface. Decorative elements are suitable, for example, rhinestones. It is important to make skillful combinations: for bright colorful clothes you need to buy single-color women's backpacks in Ukraine - and vice versa.


Sale of quality women's backpacks


Now women's backpacks in Kyiv are sold online - you can make a convenient choice on the site, having familiarized yourself with the range and characteristics: up to the size and type of material. The cost of such accessories is optimal, because online sales are less expensive.


You can inexpensively buy a women's backpack in Kyiv in our online store. The catalog on the site includes products with different prices, but they all have an important characteristic: quality guaranteed by well-known brands. We will help you make a choice, promptly service, we will ensure the dispatch of the purchase to any region of our country.


Backpack Louis Vuitton LV1210 (brown)

2,990 UAH

Backpack S.J.D. 7286B (brown)

2,270 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BP1 (15-00) red

3,200 UAH

Backpack S.J.D. 2010A (black)

2,210 UAH

Backpack BlankNote Olsen Barbie

3,600 UAH

Backpack BlankNote Olsen Onix

3,600 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BPM3 (17-00) white

3,050 UAH

Backpack BlankNote Olsen Creme brulee

3,600 UAH

Backpack 2164-3

299 UAH

Backpack 2165-4

355 UAH

Backpack Vatto M27N4 (blue)

788 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETK640-10

1,045 UAH

Backpack Bull T1375 (black with red zipper)

1,156 UAH

Backpack TuNoNa SK2428-2

1,212 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETK640-2

1,045 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETZG17-16-9

633 UAH

Backpack BlankNote Olsen Ruby

3,600 UAH

Backpack 553923 Light blue

620 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1766-blue

1,150 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETZG21-17-2

578 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BP3 (11-00) black

2,800 UAH

Backpack Vatto M27N3 (dark grey)

788 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BP3 (15-00) red

2,800 UAH

Backpack Vatto M27N2 (dark brown)

788 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1803-navy

1,375 UAH

Backpack Valenta VBE619481

2,790 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BPM3-05 (18-00) red

2,650 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1729-salat

2,021 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG 9007J (black)

2,990 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETK656-12

1,045 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1766-yellow

1,150 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETK656-2

1,045 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1803-red

1,375 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1766-red

1,150 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BPM3 (18-00) beige

3,050 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETZG17-16-2

633 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1638-violet

3,812 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG t3126-Black

2,370 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG B15-8005A (black)

1,950 UAH

Backpack Issa Hara BP3 (13-15) blue

2,800 UAH

Backpack Onepolar W1611-purple

666 UAH


520 UAH

Backpack Desisan SHI3132-4

3,317 UAH

Backpack TIDING BAG M5186A (black)

2,370 UAH

Backpack TuNoNа SK2404-2

794 UAH

Backpack ETERNO ETZG22-17-28

578 UAH

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Women's backpacks