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Travel bags


Modern travel bags are useful and popular accessories for people who, for various reasons, have to spend a lot of time on the road. A travel bag in the literal sense of the word is an alternative to a suitcase: it is more compact, lightweight, mobile and at the same time capacious, stylish, which resembles any person. Now we are in demand for four types of accessories. This conditional, but quite convenient division greatly simplifies the choice.


Classic travel bags and put on wheels


In Ukraine, demand for travel bags of classic style. They are mostly made of dense synthetic fabric or genuine leather. A characteristic difference is one spacious inner compartment, two large enough handles and a wide shoulder strap. As for the other branches - external and internal - their number is not regulated by anything and depends on both the producer and the fashion trends. It is very convenient that many brands of road accessories are included in the collection with portfolios and suitcases: you can choose accessories in a single style.


The best material for classic travel bags is genuine leather. It guarantees not only an expensive appearance, but also operational reliability of the model.


Classic travel bags in Kyiv can be male and female. The main differences:


• female models allowed bright colors and decor;

• men's accessories, respectively, more stringent in style and color;

• women's options are more compact - the calculation that the owner could herself carry the bag with things;

• for women's accessories, there are more branches for small things: cosmetics, accessories, other accessories.


Travel bags on wheels in Ukraine are also quite common. These are small analogues of suitcases, characterized by greater compactness. They are easier to roll: they are more maneuverable, and a foldable (retractable) handle allows you to choose the optimal position for growth. Therefore, such handbags are preferred by women. It is very important to buy only a branded model - this will ensure the reliability of the wheel system and their preparedness for intensive operation.


Sports travel bags and carpet bags


Inexpensive cost travel bags in Kyiv in a sports style. They are very common due to their large capacity and versatility: they can be used for trips and training trips. A characteristic feature is a large internal compartment, most often divided by partitions into several compartments. On the sides there are pockets for convenient placement of objects, which need quick access. Handles at the accessory are convenient: it can be worn in the hand or on the shoulder.


You can buy classic travel bags in Kyiv - leather bags. They are very elegant and comfortable enough. Ideal for business style. These models are always in trend - most importantly, choose accessories from genuine leather with a smooth or rippled surface. Due to the variety of sizes and colors, now women generally prefer women' bags.


Where to buy a travel bag?


You can order and buy a travel bag online at our online store: the catalog includes a large number of male and female variants from well-known brands. We have - an affordable price for the entire range: we can offer the best value thanks to the well-established supply. The sale of accessories is conducted with full support: from assistance with a choice to the organization of delivery to any locality in the country. Choose quality and modern style.




Bag Jasper&Maine 7071LC (light coffee)

3,480 UAH

Bag John McDee 7322A (black)

3,850 UAH

Bag Jasper&Maine 7071B (brown)

3,280 UAH

Bag Vatto B55N5 (crimson)

1,584 UAH

Bag Manufatto №1 (black)

2,800 UAH

Bag Vatto B14N1 (black)

1,353 UAH

Bag Vatto B55N4 (blue)

1,584 UAH

Bag Manufatto №1 (brown)

2,900 UAH

Bag Vatto B14N2 (brown)

1,353 UAH

Bag Vatto B62N6 (khaki)

1,353 UAH

Bag John McDee 7077LC (brown)

5,274 UAH

Bag Vatto B14N6 (khaki)

1,353 UAH

Bag Vatto B14N4 (blue)

1,353 UAH

Bag Onepolar WB809-green

1,595 UAH

Bag Hautton DB09A (black)

2,750 UAH

Bag BlankNote BN-BAG-14-g (black)

3,900 UAH

Bag Blamont Bn104A (black)

5,700 UAH

Bag BEXHILL G3264 (dark-grey)

4,800 UAH

Bag Vatto B55N3 (grey)

1,584 UAH

Bag Vatto B14N3 (grey)

1,353 UAH

Bag PASO 49-373C coffee

1,355 UAH

955 UAH

Bag Manufatto №1 (blue)

2,900 UAH

Bag Vatto B55N6 (khaki)

1,584 UAH

Bag Onepolar W5637-rose

1,085 UAH

1,026 UAH

Bag John McDee 7190J-1 (black)

2,968 UAH

Bag Blamont Bn104A (black)

5,700 UAH

Bag Manufatto №5 (brown)

3,000 UAH

Bag BlankNote BN-BAG-14-o (nut)

3,900 UAH

Bag Manufatto №3 (brown)

3,000 UAH

Bag Hautton DB96A (black)

3,650 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG T3070 (brown)

3,550 UAH

Bag Manufatto №4 (blue)

3,000 UAH

Bag John McDee 7071C (coffee)

3,445 UAH

Bag Onepolar W5637-violet

1,085 UAH

Bag Onepolar W5637-lilac

1,085 UAH

Bag Manufatto №3 (black)

2,800 UAH

Bag Onepolar W5637-blue

1,085 UAH

Bag Onepolar W5629-green

1,531 UAH

Bag TIDING BAG X1019-1 (brown)

4,270 UAH

Bag Manufatto №2 (black)

2,900 UAH

Bag Hautton DB09С (coffee)

2,760 UAH

Bag Manufatto №4 (green)

3,000 UAH

Bag Manufatto №2 (brown)

3,000 UAH

Bag Desisan SHI504-D-10KR

3,915 UAH

Bag Blamont Bn028A (black)

4,950 UAH

Bag Manufatto №4 (brown)

3,000 UAH

Bag Onepolar WA809-black

1,850 UAH

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Travel bags