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Travel bags on wheels


In Ukraine, a travel bag on wheels is in demand: it is bought as a more compact and convenient alternative to bulky suitcases. If you need a product in which all things will fit without problems, if you are interested in a bag that can be easily placed in the trunk of a car, on a shelf in a car or in a niche in the cabin of an airplane, it is worth paying attention to these models. Available on sale accessories on wheels can easily be transported on flat surfaces: for example, airport halls or aprons.


Advantages of road bags on wheels


Order travel bags on wheels is to achieve the following positive factors:


  • light weight - especially compared to a suitcase of similar capacity. Economy in the mass allows you to bring a little more things;
  • in an empty form, the accessory can be compactly folded and stored in any convenient place: it practically will not interfere;
  • when the travel bag on the wheels is full, it acquires an elongated, streamlined shape. Because of this, it is easy to place on any shelf - even where the suitcase does not fit;
  • compared with a suitcase, this accessory is inexpensive;
  • the bag has two handles, so it can be carried alone, evenly dividing the mass. This is very convenient if you need to raise and lower the product on the steps.


Choosing a travel bag on wheels


Buy travel bags on wheels at the best price and get a completely practical accessory. But how to choose the right model from all modern diversity? There are several factors that affect this process:


  1. Dimensions. There are three general categories: small bags, medium and large. The smallest are designed for one person, leaving for a one- or two-day business trip. Medium - universal. They will accommodate all the things necessary for the trip. Big called family - put things 2-3 people.
  2. Holder. It is better if, together with the carrying handles and the shoulder strap, the product will have a retractable handle: with it, the travel bag with wheels will be comfortable to roll, and it can be operated with one hand.
  3. Silicone wheels. A modern alternative to plastic: they are less noisy and do not wear out so quickly. The strength is enough for the entire operation of the accessory.
  4. A hard bottom is needed to conveniently sort things, provide them with secure storage, and protect the bottom from deformations.
  5. Material, colors. Leather and textile accessories are common. Colors can be very different: from neutral dark to bright.


Convenient shopping bags on wheels


We offer to buy a travel bag on wheels online in the online store LIM.UA. We work in Kiev, so we can organize the fastest delivery in the capital. We also send your purchases to all the cities of the country. In the catalog - proven brand models at the best prices. All products have descriptions and photos, most have feedback from buyers - this will greatly facilitate the choice. Make your choice and appreciate the convenience of these accessories. We are always ready to help you and ensure the prompt processing of the order.


Bag RUIXINGDA TU123S-brown

1,361 UAH

Bag 365864 grey

950 UAH

Bag 19562 (black)

1,095 UAH

Bag 19562 (navy)

1,095 UAH

Bag 19561 (black)

958 UAH

Bag 19561 (navy)

958 UAH

Bag 19563 (black)

1,250 UAH

Bag PASO 49-373C coffee

1,355 UAH

955 UAH

Bag 19563 (navy)

1,250 UAH

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Travel bags on wheels