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Travels sitcases


Buy a travel suitcase in Ukraine - the most common solution for those who are going on a business trip, vacation or a trip for any other reason. A variety of types and sizes of suitcases can satisfy any need. For example, there are accessories that you can take with you as hand luggage (550x400x200 mm), but there are models that can accommodate the things of the whole family, designed for a week trip. So let's figure out how to choose the ideal model for the road.


Plastic or textile travel suitcases?


Which traveling suitcases are better? By collecting feedback and analyzing the practical component of each type, we can draw certain conclusions. Advantages of plastic accessories:


  • more durable;
  • waterproof;
  • do not need to be cleaned (just wipe with a napkin);
  • shockproof, able to resist even the inaccuracy of porters at airports.


Models made of polycarbonate are resistant to bumps and scratches, they do not bend. Elite options complement titanium crumb - and the accessory becomes literally eternal.


To buy a traveling suitcase made of cloth means to become the owner of a very light model and not to pay for the advantage. Objective advantages of models:


  • large capacity - unlike plastic, this suitcase is stretched;
  • Resistant to water and dirt (with appropriate impregnation);
  • complete absence of scratches on the surface;
  • the presence of side pockets in which it is convenient to carry tickets, napkins and the like;
  • fabric travel suitcase has an affordable price - an order of magnitude cheaper than plastic.


The most common material of fabric accessories is polyester. Highly reliable versions are available with a polyester density of more than 600 den.


Reliability of a travel suitcase: a zipper or a fastener?


You can order traveling suitcases with snaps on code locks. They resemble mini-safes: outsiders, if they do not want to, will not get inside. But more all the same accessories with a zipper: it is more simple and convenient, and it is easier to replace it when it fails. For lightning, also came up with code padlock, limiting access to outsiders inside. What you need to know about lightning:


  1. A reliable metal zipper does not like bends. Therefore, for travel suitcases, it is not too suitable.
  2. A good option is a plastic zipper with a width of more than 8 cm. In terms of reliability, it is not inferior to metal, and at the same time very flexible.
  3. Ideal option - rubberized zipper. Excellent stretch and bend, protects against moisture penetration, even if the suitcase falls under heavy rain.


If you decide to buy a travel suitcase inexpensively, check the work of the fasteners. They are not developed over time: from the very beginning, all the processes of opening and closing should be easy and fast.


What suitcases to choose and for what?


An inexpensive travel suitcase is a model up to 40 liters. It will be enough if you are going on a trip alone and not longer than a day or two. For a longer single trip, it is worth buying a version of about 85 liters. Large accessories (100 liters and above) are called family. It is easy to guess that they are designed for things 2-3 people gathered on a long trip.


Online store of travel suitcases LIM.UA sells online branded suitcases for trips in Kiev with delivery to all cities of the country. Catalog online store allows you to quickly choose the right option with a full description and high-quality photos. Browse any rating of such accessories: we have the best options for you at the best price. We guarantee excellent service and fast order processing.


Suitcase TiandishU TU1406-2M

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Suitcase W974 (black)

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Suitcase TiandishU TU1406-10M

2,900 UAH

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Travels sitcases