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Suitcases on wheels


Which accessory to choose for storing and moving things on the road? How to achieve that it was roomy, convenient and compact at the same time? The best option is a suitcase on wheels in Ukraine, which is easy to transport and which will fit everything you need. The presence of wheels - an additional advantage: finally it is possible to transport an accessory rather than drag it in your hands.


Suitcases on wheels: a choice on the size


The modern bag of a suitcase on wheels first of all differs in the sizes. For convenience, the dimensional classification for these accessories is the same as for clothes. Let's consider it in more detail:


  • S - the most compact and common options. Suitable for people who often travel or travel on short business trips with a minimal set of things. An additional advantage - such a stylish suitcase on wheels is a hand luggage, so in an airplane you can not leave it;
  • M - medium-sized models. A good choice for a person going on the road alone. Inside, everything you need for a long enough trip will fit. At the same time, the accessory is light enough that a fragile girl can handle it;
  • L, XL - is a quality suitcases on wheels with a volume of more than 100 liters. They are also called family: there are enough places for things 2-3 people, going on a long trip.


Materials of suitcases on wheels


Such accessories are traditionally chosen by volume, design, color. But the practical side also matters. Material - the basis of reliability and durability of the product. A modern good suitcase on wheels can be made of plastic, fabric or leather. Let's consider each group in more detail:


  1. Plastic suitcases are made on the basis of polypropylene or polycarbonate. The first option should be selected if the maximum strength in any conditions is of interest. Second - if you need a beautiful, light, durable and affordable at the price of a suitcase.
  2. Textile products can be based on polyamide with nylon or polyester. Without going into the technical description of materials, it is worth noting: you can buy a suitcase on wheels of this type at the most affordable price and at the same time get a reliable practical product.
  3. A separate group consists of leather suitcases. They look amazing and are distinguished by their durability. However, a high price category makes these models not available to everyone.


Wheels - the key element


From these details depends the convenience of movement and the general practicality of the accessory. Depending on the size of the model, the number of wheels can vary from two to four. Two-wheeled version is well managed with uneven roads. But the feature is that to move the product you need to tilt it. If the suitcase is heavy, you will have a significant load on hand.


If you buy a bag suitcase on wheels that make up two pairs, you can only roll this model on flat surfaces. But at the same time it is a very maneuverable accessory: it can be easily rolled into any shelf or storage rack. Modern versions are equipped with silicone or semi-silicone wheels - the most reliable, soft and noiseless.


Other important " little things"


You can buy a suitcase on wheels in an online store at an affordable price and with full information about each version of the product. When making a choice, pay attention to the peculiarities of filling an accessory. Classic version - one large internal compartment, in which there are crossed rubber straps for fixation and 1-2 pockets with a zipper. In addition, there are 1-2 external offices, external pockets for documents and tickets on reliable fasteners.


By the way, about fasteners: it is recommended to take models in which the kit contains a code lock or a padlock for the main compartment. This is especially important if the suitcase is large and must be taken to the luggage compartment.


Online store of suitcases on wheels LIM.UA offers to order online quality accessories in Kiev with delivery to Kharkov, Dnepr and any other locality in the country. The online store catalog includes only branded models with guaranteed reliability and fashionable design. Sale is carried out at the best prices. We provide all the necessary information about each product. Travel safely together with a convenient suitcase from our store.


Suitcase TiandishU TU1406-2M

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Suitcase W974 (black)

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Suitcase TiandishU TU1406-10M

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Suitcases on wheels