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In any trip - whether it's a business trip or a vacation - it's common to take a suitcase: this accessory is the most convenient product for the compact transportation of a large number of things. From the right choice of the product depends the convenience of transportation, storage, placement of content, speed of access to things and many other factors.


The size and material of the suitcase are important requirements


It is worth buying a suitcase in Ukraine, having previously estimated the list of things that usually have to be taken on the road. After that it will be easy to determine the size of the accessory. Based on the parameters, you can choose these products:


  • small - included in the format of hand luggage, with a volume of up to 40 liters. This is enough to accommodate the things of one person who travels for several days;
  • medium - to 85 liters in volume. This is the most common compact suitcase in Kyiv, as it is ideal for two people, containing a number of things that will last about a week;
  • large - the sum of the dimensions of such models can be up to 158 cm. Ideal for actively traveling people;
  • very large - all products with a sum of dimensions above 158 cm. Massive, but they contain many things. Suitable for large families. True, planes with such models are not allowed.


The most high-quality and fashionable suitcase is leather. The natural skin makes the accessory status and elegant, and yet - reliable and waterproof. The material retains its properties for a long time, plus it grows beautifully. But if the schedule of trips is active, and there is a risk of abrasion of the leather surface of the suitcase due to frequent use (especially in the case of the bottom) - it is more practical to buy a more inexpensive textile or plastic model. Its replacement after failure will not hit the budget.


Features of choosing a suitcase


When going to buy a suitcase of good quality, it is worth paying attention not only to the material. One of the important characteristics is the method of closing. There are two of them - on a lightning or on a latch. The first option provides a simple opening and access to all the internal content. It is worth choosing the options with a metal rubberized zipper - only in this case, reliability is guaranteed. Latch - a denser version of the closure, protecting from moisture. Plus, almost all the latches are supplemented with code locks.


A modern suitcase bag is usually supplemented with wheels. There are models with two and four rollers. Two-wheeled versions are prepared for movement on any surface - including uneven ones. But at the same time, you need to use more force to move them. Four-wheelers move well only on level surfaces, but can easily transport bulky models. If ease of movement is necessary, it is worth choosing the options with double rollers.


On what else to pay attention


You can buy a suitcase in Kyiv cheap - for example, order online on the site. But together with the favorable price it is necessary to take into account also such factors:


  • the color should be bright or unusual - so that the product can be easily distinguished against the standard ones in the trunk of the bus or at the airport;
  • the presence of a department allowing to preserve the appearance of ironed clothes is welcomed;
  • for two it is better to take two suitcases of average parameters or a larger model with a partition;
  • the main criterion of choice is one"s own needs, and not the fashion and advice of acquaintances.


Our online store of suitcases works in Kyiv and delivers purchases in Ukraine. The catalog includes modern models at an affordable price from proven manufacturers. The sale is done promptly, with full service: we will help you make a choice, offer the best price and quickly serve your order.




Suitcase Bagia 511

1,520 UAH

Suitcase David Jones 2000-4

1,450 UAH

Suitcase TiandishU TU1406-2M

2,900 UAH

Suitcase W974 (black)

1,795 UAH

Suitcase TiandishU TU1406-10M

2,900 UAH

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