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Types of wallets and their names: what is the difference and what are

We just have to keep money with us. Cash, on a bank card - it does not matter, it just need to be with you. An employee of the bank or an advertising brochure will tell you about the services of the bank, and to know about types of wallets and how to choose a convenient one, read the article of Olexiy Melnichenko. Which types of wallets exist When your vault is bursting at the seams from the abundance of banknotes and discount cards - this is a sure sign that the time has come to find ...


Travel kit: how to choose and which one is better.

Fashion designer Alexei Melnichenko shares his experience. Men’s travel kit: 3 important characteristics This word is translated from the French nécessaire - necessary. A travel kit is a travel mini briefcase that holds hygiene supplies, phone charges, and even documents. And all these are neatly folded across the branches in one place, just think about it! If you, like me, are far from pedant, men’s travel kit - is an assistant who helps us, lazy people, to get ready for the journey, to ...


How to choose a backpack: 10 criteria for successful selection

How to choose a backpack: 10 criteria for successful selection   What is more important for you: practicality or beauty? If you do not rush to extremes, choose both. And you will be right. Which backpack to choose: comfortable and practical   A successfully selected backpack is a guarantee of its durability and comfortable wearing. These eight parameters distinguish the practical model from the frank hack. Focus on them and you will definitely not regret about wast...